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Deconstructing Dinner

Deconstructing Dinner is a podcast/radio show that broadcast between 2006 through 2011 with a brief return of a handful of episodes in 2014. Almost 200 episodes are available on topics ranging from corporate consolidation, animal welfare, urban food production and the local and good food movements. With host Jon Steinman.

info_outline The Importance of Garlic to Small-Scale Farmers 05/13/2014
info_outline Genetically Engineered Honey? 03/19/2014
info_outline How Organic is an 'Organic' Egg? 02/15/2014
info_outline Year-Round vs. Seasonal Eating 01/06/2014
info_outline Conventional vs. Organic Wheat 12/20/2013
info_outline A Farewell... For Now! (incl. Update on Eggs Investigation) 11/30/2010
info_outline The Local Grain Revolution XII (Year 3 & Lopez Island Grain Project) 11/20/2010
info_outline Exploring Ethnobiology IV (The Immaterial Components of Food Sovereignty / Comparing 17th/18th Century Cereal Grain Productivity Among Iroquois and Europeans) 11/03/2010
info_outline TED Talks on Food w/Jamie Oliver, Carolyn Steel & Christien Meindertsma 10/14/2010
info_outline Produce to the People 10/05/2010
info_outline Packaged Foods Exposed V (Unilever 3 Years Later) / Unequal Harvest 09/21/2010
info_outline Exploring Ethnobiology III / Investigating Eggs Update 09/13/2010
info_outline Local Food Fraud?: An Investigation 09/02/2010
info_outline Climate Friendly Eating (Conscientious Cooks VIII) 08/25/2010
info_outline The Future of Prison Farms V: Abducted Cows 08/16/2010
info_outline The Erosion of Civilizations (w/David Montgomery & Ronald Wright) 08/03/2010
info_outline Exploring Ethnobiology II: Nancy Turner 07/27/2010
info_outline Are Agricultural Systems Sustainable? (Toby Hemenway on Permaculture) 07/20/2010
info_outline Fermenting Revolution / Deconstructing Dinner in our Schools II (revisited) 07/13/2010
info_outline Vancouver's Backyard Chickens II / Bucky Buckaw 07/03/2010
info_outline Margaret Atwood Joins Prison Farms Campaign / Vancouver's Backyard Chickens I 06/21/2010
info_outline Farmed Salmon Arrive in Ottawa (Norway, British Columbia VII) 06/14/2010
info_outline Exploring Ethnobiology I: Preserving Traditional Foodways Among Indigenous Youth 06/03/2010
info_outline Whole Foods Market Targeted by Organic Advocates / Local Food System Development Spotlight / Carnivore Chic 05/20/2010
info_outline Rally for Wild Salmon: "Fish Farms Out" (Norway, British Columbia VI) 05/13/2010
info_outline 'Crack' Down on Backyard and Farm-Fresh Eggs 05/06/2010
info_outline Joel Salatin & Judy Rebick on Building New Food Systems 04/26/2010
info_outline The Vote on Bill C-474 (Protecting Farmers from Economic Harm of GE Crops) 04/16/2010
info_outline Final Attempt to Save Prison Farms (The Future of Prison Farms III) 04/09/2010
info_outline Bill C-474 (Protecting Farmers from Economic Harm of GE Crops) 03/29/2010