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Heidi J. Ellsworth hosts this insightful podcast on behalf of CoatingsCoffeeShop where she visits with amazing metal professionals about topics that are hot in the metal construction industry. Listen to learn about the issues and topics that matter to your metal business and to gain insights into new trends, products, solutions, technologies and more! CCS connects the industry suppliers, manufacturers and associations with coating contractors to ensure the continued success of the contractor as well as the continued growth of this innovative and sustainable construction solution.

info_outline The Right Solution for the Right Roof 06/14/2024
info_outline Coating Courts with Innovation 06/14/2024
info_outline Concrete Protection 101 06/12/2024
info_outline Build Manufacturer Relationships for Success 06/10/2024
info_outline Keeping your Customers Front & Center 06/10/2024
info_outline Liquid-applied Roofing Insights 05/13/2024
info_outline Thoughts from a 30-year Coatings Veteran 05/03/2024
info_outline Maintenance, Restoration and Operations Excellence 04/11/2024
info_outline Building Loyal Customers 04/11/2024
info_outline Sustainability in Coil Coatings 04/09/2024
info_outline CCS Influencer Response: Jeff Blank 04/08/2024
info_outline Preserving the Past: Roofing Insights in Historic Building Restoration 03/25/2024
info_outline Roof Longevity Through Restoration 03/15/2024
info_outline The Rise of Fluid-applied Roofing 02/16/2024
info_outline Perfecting and Maintaining Low-slope Roofs 01/30/2024
info_outline Lisa Ryan – Inspirations for Company Culture 01/16/2024
info_outline Quoting for Coatings - Inspections 01/11/2024
info_outline The Power of Proper Training 12/14/2023
info_outline Sara Jonas - The New CoatingsCoffeeShop™ Site! 07/05/2023