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eCommerce MOMENTUM

Ecommerce MOMENTUM is a podcast created for you, the Ecommerce seller, or the Next Great eCommerce seller! We are here to help you understand how the top successful ecommerce sellers today got where they are, they tell you how they got unstuck, how they were able to outpace the herd and create a true "lifestyle" business. Each episode brings you a top seller with specific actionable steps to help you start, grow or get unstuck. This twice a week podcast will help you gain the Momentum you need to reach "next level" status.

info_outline 116 : John Dugan - 300 hotel nights plus 42 states add in 49,000 miles and a lot of negotiation and you too will find success selling on Amazon 07/28/2016
info_outline 115 : John Bullard - Long Term Storage Fees on Amazon - Other options for fulfillment? Counterfeit, Software development and other trends in the eCommerce world. 07/25/2016
info_outline 114 : Jamie Miralles - Seller Success Academy wants to help you learn how to make money while you sleep! 07/21/2016
info_outline 113 : Bob Steele - 7 Figure seller with his first 6 figure non Q4 month and btw.. He has a Full Time Job Elsewhere! Yes it can be done 07/18/2016
info_outline 112 : James Rugg- Pricechecker2 can help you identify your existing products that have opportunity in Europe and soon Japan 07/14/2016
info_outline 111 : Bob Wiley - Ready to start selling on Amazon- Get a coach with real experience! By the way the first call is free if you mention the Podcast! 07/11/2016
info_outline 110 : Eric Lambert - How to outsource a Multi-Million Dollar Business and work on your Life: your family, your kids and your health! 07/07/2016
info_outline 109 : John Lawson - Can you get healthy while running a 7 Figure eCommerce Business? Yes, John will show you how he did it! And it's free! 07/04/2016
info_outline 108 : Ian Goldstein - 18 and Ready to make a go of a life as he chooses! His self-awareness keeps him grounded in what he loves 06/30/2016
info_outline 107 : Jeff Howard - Building out a team, 1/3 rule scale questions and goal setting for a maturing eCommerce business! 06/27/2016
info_outline 106 : Michael Goldberg - Learn Design from the expert (He wrote a book on it!) Amazon Merch design can be successful with communication 06/23/2016
info_outline 105 : Sam Cohen - Ace 2.0 can you grow your business faster than your cash, need help you have to ask for it! 06/20/2016
info_outline 104 : Barbara Boschen - We talk Jet, Jet, Jet! Selling on another platform and the differences you will encounter and how to overcome them! (Create your own API) 06/16/2016
info_outline 103 : Bver Vienneau - Lessons Learned, Questions answered, Updates from up North! 06/13/2016
info_outline 102 : Jamison Philippi - Carpool Interview for a 35 State Traveler buying stuff- Yes he will be in your state soon! 06/09/2016
info_outline 101 : Andy Slamans - Questions, Answers, Free New Video Series on Private Labeling including 5 steps to get your product to Market! 06/06/2016
info_outline 100 : Chris Green - Get your chance for personal mentoring from Chris! We talk that, where Scanpower is going, How to make $100 a day online! 06/02/2016
info_outline 099 : Jason Clark - Solid work ethic + add in some smarts + add in a growing network = Incredible results on his terms! 05/30/2016
info_outline 098 : Anna Hill - Starting a business starts with a separate checkbook and other sound building blocks! 05/26/2016
info_outline 097 : Max Abreu - Large scale business at a very young age! Not only possible but frankly it is only the start of their business! 05/23/2016
info_outline 096 : Chris Dupuis - Bonafide Hustler working hard on mental health! Yes you need excellent physical and Mental health to be really successful in Life! 05/19/2016
info_outline 095 : Barrington McIntosh - Excited, enthusiastic, eCommerce expert focused on International selling on Amazon 05/16/2016
info_outline 094 : Peter Moelius - Amazing Flips & Tips by Analyzing the Marketplace and Falling in Love with what you buy! (He's a Romantic!) 05/12/2016
info_outline 093 : Ryan Reger - Beyond Arbitrage - Bring up your game to Wholesale! 05/09/2016
info_outline 092 : Assad Siddiqi - MBA meets FBA head on- welcome to the new methodical Amazon seller 05/05/2016
info_outline 091 : Liran Hirschkorn - Solid Business Execution brings Solid Business Results - Oh he is also into goal setting! (Maybe that's a clue?) 05/02/2016
info_outline 090 : Orr Ben-Zvy - Lessons from an Entrepreneurial Culture brought into the eCommerce World (btw..He is incredibly successful!) 04/28/2016
info_outline 089 : Craig Maxwell - Lifestyle Business Success allows him to serve others from the other side of the table! 04/25/2016
info_outline 088 : Tedric Paulk - OaXray - Do they track your favorite store for products to buy? Could they Save you time and Money? 04/21/2016
info_outline 087 : Rachel Greer - What happens when you bring together a group of ex-Amazon employees? (Hint -Really Great things!) 04/18/2016