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The Equestrian Tai Chi Podcast

The Equestrian Tai Chi Podcast will share about our Energy/Chi and the Horse's, and the energetic connection that's possible between us. It will also share about Taoist Philosophy and how we can bring it into a living reality in our lives. If you'd like to find out about what we offer in Equestrian Tai Chi, please enter this link into your browser https://www.equestriantaichi.com/learn/

info_outline The Importance of the Earth Element for the other Elements 09/09/2021
info_outline Wu Wei in Loading - AKA The Loadie Game 08/31/2021
info_outline Wu Wei in Weaning Foals 07/30/2021
info_outline Working with the energy of the Fire Element 06/27/2021
info_outline How Equestrian Tai Chi can help our horse to feel safe with us 06/10/2021
info_outline Equestrian Tai Chi can help the horse to have Sovereignty of Himself! 04/15/2021
info_outline Never Not Connecting 02/24/2021
info_outline If our horse is afraid in terms of Yin and Yang 02/13/2021
info_outline 6 Keys of Equestrian Tai Chi 02/04/2021
info_outline Out of the Dark, into the Light 01/23/2021
info_outline A Crisis Brings Clarity 12/30/2020
info_outline The Winter Solstice 12/21/2020
info_outline About the Equestrian Tai Chi Courses for Instructors 09/30/2020
info_outline 3 Aspects to the Emotion of Fear 03/31/2020
info_outline Connecting with the horse in the way that is easy for him riding. 02/29/2020
info_outline 20 Wishes for 2020 01/31/2020
info_outline Reducing our filters so we can have a deeper connection with our horse 11/28/2019
info_outline Feeling Fear & Emotions Riding 11/09/2019
info_outline Why Equestrian Tai Chi Suits Our Horses 08/31/2019
info_outline A Possible Reason Why Horses Relax More Than We Do With Equestrian Tai Chi 08/09/2019
info_outline First Feeling Chi Flow Riding 08/02/2019
info_outline The Day I Felt My Chi Flow & My Mission 07/24/2019
info_outline Freeing Ourselves From Blocked Thoughts When We're Riding 07/16/2019
info_outline 3 Ways We Can Block Chi Flow Riding 07/09/2019
info_outline How Our Practice Calms Ours & Our Horse's Energy 03/08/2019
info_outline What is Chi Flow? 02/20/2019
info_outline The Balancing Power of Yin Yang one of the reasons Riding is Therapeutic 01/11/2019