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Food Bullying Podcast

Are others making you feel guilty about your food choices? In this NEW Food Bullying podcast, Michele and Eliz talk about the $5.75 trillion secret that food marketers and celebrity spokespeople don’t want you to know. Each episode is filled with tangible ideas on how you may have been bullied, why it impacts your wellness, and how to overcome food bullying. Michele and Eliz are known for their humorous, real-life debates about food, health and the stress associated with each. You'll get oh-so candid conversation from two moms who have unique insight on food, experts who will upend your thinking, and how eating choices effect your health. This podcast that will help you navigate grocery store aisles, menus, and those sticky conversations with friends or family.

info_outline Stress, choices, and farewell: Episode 78 01/18/2021
info_outline Chemicals and doctors and food, oh my! Episode 77 01/11/2021
info_outline Nutrition science is a puzzle: Episode 76 01/04/2021
info_outline Good Soil Is Like Chocolate Cake: Episode 75 12/28/2020
info_outline Picking out ice cream, sensationalized science, & misinformation: Episode 74 12/21/2020
info_outline Animal welfare, veal, and filtered milk - ask a vet! Episode 73 12/14/2020
info_outline Pharmacist talks food, drugs, & rural mental health: Episode 72 12/07/2020
info_outline Can food really boost your immunity? Episode 71 11/30/2020
info_outline Food is sacred: how farmers help the hungry - Episode 70 11/23/2020
info_outline Food is sacred: how farmers help the hungry 11/23/2020
info_outline Are you one emergency away from food insecurity? Episode 69 11/16/2020
info_outline Compassion is key to solving hunger: Episode 68 11/09/2020
info_outline How do you listen to hunger? Episode 67 11/02/2020
info_outline Growing cranberries and sustainability: Episode 66 10/27/2020
info_outline Food bullying in the pet aisle: Episode 65 10/19/2020
info_outline Why do farmers sign contracts to use GMO seeds? Episode 64 10/13/2020
info_outline Cancer, chemicals, and feeding your soul: Episode 63 10/05/2020
info_outline Snakes, stigmas, & neophobia in the pandemic: Episode 62 09/28/2020
info_outline Fruits & veggies as a love language: Episode 61 09/21/2020
info_outline How to vet information in the media: Episode 60 09/15/2020
info_outline Chemicals, hormones, and an anniversary - oh my! Episode 59 09/07/2020
info_outline Why isn't food raised the way it used to be? 08/31/2020
info_outline What's the context of your nutrition choices? Episode 57 08/24/2020
info_outline The family business struggles of agriculture: Episode 56 08/17/2020
info_outline Roundup, dorm diets, and chemicals: Episode 55 08/10/2020
info_outline Feeding kids with confidence: Episode 54 07/30/2020
info_outline Cooking, culinary medicine, & comfort in nutrition: Episode 53 07/27/2020
info_outline Chemicals, creepy crawlies and crops: how safe is your food? Episode 52 07/20/2020
info_outline Should we be afraid of sugar? Episode 51 07/13/2020
info_outline Honoring choices in food and farming: Episode 50 07/06/2020