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Green Living with Tee

Therese "Tee" Forton-Barnes, is a Household Toxins Health Specialist. For over 40 years, she has been researching, studying, and talking about toxins in your life and home and how they can affect your health. She helps you reduce your exposure to chemicals that are in your personal care and cleaning products, food, and other items in your home that expose you to harmful chemicals. She guides you in having a low-tox lifestyle that can reduce the risk of potentially chemical-induced illnesses, cancer, and other autoimmune diseases and increase the odds of a long, healthy, vital life, all while creating a clean and green environment for you and your loved ones— including your pets! This podcast is the place for invaluable information and conversations with Doctors, Scientists, and others who are very knowledgeable in their fields of work on living a low-tox life.

info_outline Marla Mervis-Hartmann: Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Eating 07/15/2024
info_outline George Siegal: Homeowners Be Aware 07/08/2024
info_outline Dr. Richard Chen: How to Deal with Toxicity for Your Health 07/01/2024
info_outline Mory Diané: Revolutionizing Green Beauty with the Rover Refillable Skincare Roll-On 06/24/2024
info_outline Chwynyn Vaughan: Why Botanicals Are Better for Your Health Than Artificial Fragrance 06/17/2024
info_outline Jenn Trepeck: The Facts About Food Labels 06/10/2024
info_outline Ginny Dent Brant: The Relationship Between Plastics and Cancer 06/03/2024
info_outline Sage Dammers: Why Adaptogens Are Great for Your Health 05/27/2024
info_outline Tanya Willis: Chemicals That May Promote Obesity 05/20/2024
info_outline Dr. Sharon Surita: How Plastics Can Wreak Havoc on Your Body 05/13/2024
info_outline Sweta Vikram: Practicing Self-Care with Ayurveda 05/06/2024
info_outline David Medansky: Avoiding Processed Foods and Deceptive Marketing 04/29/2024
info_outline Matthew Frederick: Avoiding Toxins in Personal Care Products 04/22/2024
info_outline Dr. Leona Allen: How Toxins Contribute To Weight Issues 04/15/2024
info_outline Xenia Brandstetter: Recovering Naturally From an Autoimmune Disease 04/08/2024
info_outline Kim Rahir: How to Improve Your Health and Happiness by Building Muscle 04/01/2024
info_outline Dr. Mani Kukreja: A Talk About Healthy Aging 03/25/2024
info_outline Alicia McCarthy: Healthy Home: A Deep Dive into Safer Cleaning and Disinfection Practices 03/18/2024
info_outline Dr. Shivani Gupta: Ayurvedic Lifestyle and the Power of Detox 03/11/2024
info_outline Creating a Healthy Home with Dr. Lum Frundi 03/04/2024
info_outline Stacy Malesiewski: Why Indoor Air Is So Important to Our Health 02/26/2024
info_outline Mahwish Syed: How My Cancer Journey Opened My Eyes to the Hidden Toxins in My Home 02/19/2024
info_outline Liz Harriman: How Flame Retardants Can Affect Your Health 02/12/2024
info_outline Brandon Faust: Unearthing the Hidden & Dangerous Impacts of Having Mold in Your Home 02/05/2024
info_outline Dr. Bobbie & Dr. Jess: Green Living through Gardening: The Health Benefits You Might Not Realize 01/29/2024
info_outline Nurse Bec: Back to the Basics 01/22/2024
info_outline Brenda Wollenberg & Alicia Mazari-Andersen: Reset Your Genes & Rewrite Your Future: The Role of Epigenetics in Detoxification 01/15/2024
info_outline Kelly Durbin: How to Support Sustainable Infant Feeding 01/08/2024
info_outline Alexx Stuart: How to Live a Low-Tox Life in 2024 01/01/2024
info_outline Dr. Tracy Gapin: How Toxins & Lifestyle Choices Lower Testosterone Levels 12/25/2023