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Gumball Love Podcast

Ever had a guy ghost you? He’s into you and suddenly he pulls away or cheats? Does he leave and come back into your life? This is a Gumball Guy. Gumball Love is attention addiction. Attention is just like a Gumball, temporarily intense and sweet but soon the effect is gone. Guys addicted to the “Gumball" (any flavor of attention), get a high from the excitement, adoration and validation. During this cycle they appear to be falling in love. When the high is gone they pull away, ghost or cheat leaving you feeling confused, rejected and heartbroken. I'm your host, Melissa Leger, professional relationship coach, creator of Gumball Love and the Back to You Academy. If you're ready to stop the cycle of toxic men, get through the break up once and for all, and finally get back to YOU, you are in the right place. This journey is about healing your heart, and you are encouraged to take the pace that is just right for you. In the process, you will build a foundation of confidence and strength that will make you unshakable, I promise. So get ready to level up your mindset and your lifestyle, as you awaken the seeds of greatness that are waiting to burst into full bloom. Let's do this! Find Melissa Leger at www.GumballLove.com Instagram: @TheMelissaLeger Email: [email protected] Facebook group: Gumball Love VIP Clubhouse

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