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The Happy Mind Travel Mental Health Care and Spirituality Exploration Podcast

Happy Mind Travel is an inspiring podcast sharing with YOU powerful self-help psychology-based practices and spiritual talks PLUS techniques to help you live a happy life. This show is created for you to learn all the nitty-gritty of the mental health world. Since Day One humans are on Earth, we’ve been struggling to pursue and sustain happiness. Are you constantly looking for resources for Mental Health, Happiness, and Spirituality? Are you searching for programs, books, materials, free or paid, only wanting to find the RIGHT way to finding happiness, but only feel more Desperate and perplexed by tons of information out there? That’s a lot of tedious work, I know it, my friend. It just adds your burden? We know we want to be happy, BUT HOW? Happy Mind Travel is here to provide you with tools and knowledge on creating happiness in life across time and space, and genuine reviews of every resource we cover here, so you don’t have to frantically digest every resource you find, and feeling insecure to use them at the same time. As always, we hunt for the materials. It’s on your part to implement those strategies and ENJOY TO BE HAPPY! The pursuit of happiness is never a luxury! We are dedicated to provide you resources to draft, design and embellish your Happiness Map so you can finally go on your happiness journey!

info_outline Self-Compassion_Break.mp3 12/31/2019
info_outline HMT 028: Psychospirituality 101 – Why Psychology and Spirituality Work Best Together 01/06/2018
info_outline HMT 027: Be a Divergent – Think Beyond Your Answers 12/30/2017
info_outline HMT 026: Christmas Special: Holiday Stress Relief 12/23/2017
info_outline HMT 025: Take a Look Back at Your Year in Life – A Letter of Words from the Heart 12/16/2017
info_outline HMT 024: Understanding Your Compassionate Self – How You Typically Act Towards Yourself in Difficult Times 12/09/2017
info_outline HMT 023: A Little More Self-Compassion – Treat Yourself with Love and Acceptance 12/03/2017
info_outline HMT 022: Dipping into Your Inner Darkness – the Underworld Spread 12/01/2017
info_outline OMW 007: Bringing Dark Souls and Experiences into the Light 11/18/2017
info_outline OMW 006: Will Using the Law of Attraction Set You Up for Unhappiness? 11/10/2017
info_outline OMW 005: The Happy Memory Matrix – Building Your Happy Moments Network 11/04/2017
info_outline OMW 004: Happiness is a Perception, Not So Much a Reality! 10/27/2017
info_outline OMW 003: Friends or Foes? The Interaction of Tarot with Psychology in Using Your Character Strengths 10/20/2017
info_outline OMW 002: I Can’t Wait to Be Happy! Will the Pursuit of Happiness Backfire or Make You Flourish? 10/13/2017
info_outline OMW 001: What Makes You Happy? Freedom to Choose or Go with the Flow? 10/06/2017
info_outline HMT 021: Cognitive Restructuring – the Negative Thoughts-Turner 09/30/2017
info_outline HMT 020: Getting the Blues – Exploring Other Depressive Disorders 09/22/2017
info_outline HMT 019: Are You Just Sad? – Untangling Depression and Depressive Disorders 09/15/2017
info_outline HMT 018: How Anxious Are You? – Anxiety Check-In and Mindfulness Practice 09/09/2017
info_outline HMT 017: What You Need to Know about Anxiety Disorders 09/01/2017
info_outline HMT 016: Tarot Year Cards – Going From the Star Path To the World 08/25/2017
info_outline HMT 015: Tarot Year Cards – From Establishing Justice To Falling Off the Tower 08/18/2017
info_outline HMT 014: Back to the Future [Part II] – Know Your Year Lessons Ahead of Time Using Tarot 08/11/2017
info_outline HMT 013: Back to the Future – Know Your Year Lessons Ahead of Time Using Tarot 08/04/2017
info_outline HMT 012: What If It Were Your Last Minute on Earth… – The Psychology of Death Reflection 07/28/2017
info_outline HMT 011: Choosing Gratitude with Georgian Benta! – Enjoy Blessings in Life from the Inside and Receive the Appreciation from the Outside 07/21/2017
info_outline HMT 010: The Gratitude Practice Guide: Creative Ways to Enjoy Grateful Emotions 07/14/2017
info_outline HMT 009: Feeling the Law of Attraction’s Energy with Positive Psychology 07/07/2017
info_outline HMT 008: We Are One – In the PRIDE Way with Melissa DaSilva 06/30/2017
info_outline HMT 007: My H.O.P.E. Story - Hold On, Possibilities Emerge 06/23/2017