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Heroic Investing Show

The challenges faced by first responders in the medical, rescue, police, and military have never been greater. Each day that you report for duty, your personal well-being is placed on the line as you step up to fulfill your duty and help people. It is unfortunate that the contributions of first responders are very rarely recognized for the priceless gift that they really are. In addition to the physical dangers faced on the job by first responders, there is a hidden danger that may impact the financial lives of many first responders whom society depends upon for its very well-being. This hidden danger is the underfunded pension and retirement plans for police, fire, medical and military professionals. Federal, state and local governments all across the country and around the world are experiencing budget difficulties that make it difficult to finance pensions at a level that is sufficient for retirees to fully support their standard of living. This phenomenon may leave many first responders facing retirement years under extreme pressure from financial difficulty. At Heroic Investing, we are dedicated to showing first responders a different way to build their financial future. The future is uncertain but first responders have extensive knowledge of how things can change in an instant. The hero’s of society have always been the people who protect our safety and respond to emergencies. You have dedicated your career to making sacrifices for the public good. These sacrifices should be rewarded with a financially secure future and a good retirement lifestyle. This is the reason why pensions were created in the first place and our sincere hope is that our heros have a secure and abundant future.

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info_outline 225: Trump Impeachment & Saving Our Republic with Phil Haney, Best Selling Author of See Something, Say Nothing 12/29/2019
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