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HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast: Mindset, Education, & Community for Moms & Dads

Do you want to homeschool your kids with confidence? Are you looking for more joy in homeschooling? You've come to the right place. Join families from more than 80 countries to learn more about homeschooling, parenting, education, and mindset. Our Monday episodes are all about your mindset and on Wednesday's you'll learn more about homeschooling and parenting. Click the follow button so that you never miss an episode. Visit www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com Keep reading for more info! Jackie is the founder of HomeSchool ThinkTank and is the mom of one homeschool graduate and is still homeschooling her youngest daughter. With more than a decade of homeschooling her children, Jackie's experienced the ups & downs of homeschooling and is here to help you navigate a lifestyle that has the potential to be incredible. Overcome the overwhelm that many parents feel and start homeschooling your kids with confidence. Each week we share expert interviews, information, education, mindset strategies, and inspiration that homeschool families need. In addition, we’re taking this one step further and guiding homeschool parents like you through our online coaching program. The HomeSchool ThinkTank Parenting Podcast teaches you the nearly secret strategies that veteran homeschoolers use to homeschool their children for years on end. Jackie will guide you toward a more peaceful and fun-filled education journey with your kids. What do you call this lifestyle? Homeschooling, worldschooling, roadschooling, hackschooling, gameschooling, wildschooling, unschooling, life??? Regardless of what you call it, come along and join us on the journey of a lifetime. Leave the school mindset behind and focus on connections that matter, community, and helping your children develop a true love of learning.   Homeschooling isn’t just about education: it’s about your kids, it’s about your family, & it’s about a lifestyle.   Click the follow button right now so that you will never miss a future episode. Discover more about HomeSchool ThinkTank on our website. We're always sharing something new and interesting with you. www.HomeSchoolThinkTank.com

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