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Humanity's Values | Explorations of Relational Living

Humanity’s Values is a podcast of Life Weavings, LLC, dedicated to exploring the human experience through a focus on the psychology of relationships. Therapist and Relational Living Mentor David Teachout will take you through readings of books and articles that help expand our understanding of what it means to live a relationally-integrated life. This is spiritual without spirit, meaning and purpose without fundamentalism, always with our shared humanity front and center. At the end of each show there will be a short mindfulness/meditation exercise that can be expanded for your personal practice. Further material can be found at https://lifeweavings.org/services/humanitys-values-podcast/ and questions can be sent to david.teachout@lifeweavings.org

info_outline Pathologizing Human Behavior 09/22/2019
info_outline The Story of Your Anger 07/15/2019
info_outline The Mighty Anecdote 04/24/2019
info_outline Setting Goals within Your Values 03/22/2019
info_outline Change Is As Fundamental As Gravity 03/12/2019
info_outline 25: Feelings and the Hope of Relationship 08/27/2018
info_outline 24: A Replication Problem 07/11/2018
info_outline 23: Stop Hiding Behind Labels 06/20/2017
info_outline 22: Shifting Perspective to Avoid Shallow Judgment 06/13/2017
info_outline 21: Self-Control and the Judgment of Our Future Self 06/08/2017
info_outline 20: Breaking Away from Enabling 06/05/2017
info_outline 19: The Codependent In All of Us 06/01/2017
info_outline 18: Nature of Sex Therapy 05/12/2017
info_outline 17: Our Self-limiting Stories 05/09/2017
info_outline 16: The Lure of Fanatacism 05/04/2017
info_outline 15: Religion or Creed 05/04/2017
info_outline 14: All the World Is A Stage 03/14/2017
info_outline 13: Emotions Are Not the Enemy 03/07/2017
info_outline 12: Mindfulness: Stop Getting Caught In Your Thoughts 03/01/2017
info_outline 11: Our Humanity Is Being Triggered 02/21/2017
info_outline 10: What's Love Got To Do With It 02/14/2017
info_outline 8: Working Through Anger Without Losing Your Head 01/24/2017
info_outline 7: Channeling Reality Through Identity 01/19/2017
info_outline 6: Growing Through Awareness and Forgiveness 01/09/2017
info_outline 5: The Present Holds All That Is Possible 01/03/2017
info_outline 4: We Only Know So Much 12/26/2016
info_outline 3: How Others See Us and We View Ourselves 12/19/2016
info_outline 2: Our Word Binds Us and Sets Us Free 12/12/2016
info_outline 1: Beginning the Journey 12/09/2016