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Inclusion in Progress

There's never been a better time for minorities to step up as business leaders. But how do you get your talent seen and your message heard when you're the "only" one in the room? This podcast provides underrepresented professionals practical advice to become leaders — and BE the representation we always wished to see. Inclusion in Progress is hosted by Kay Fabella. Kay is a Filipina-American, an expat in Spain, an author and award-winning visibility coach, who's worked with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500s to grow their audiences through story-driven strategies. Growing up in Los Angeles, Kay always got the second question, "Where are you really from?." She quickly learned the power of individual stories to change hearts, minds, and perceptions of underrepresented groups. She believes inclusion is possible when the "only's" become one of many, and it's why we need you to step up and show up as you are. Through Kay's own stories and her interviews with experts, Inclusion in Progress will give you the tools you need to redefine the face of leadership with YOUR story. So if you're a minority entrepreneur or professional who's ready to grow your visibility — hit that subscribe button to learn how your leadership can create a more inclusive world for us all.

info_outline IIP031 Why It's Hard to Talk About Race at Work 07/01/2020
info_outline IIP030 DEI & The Future of Work 06/24/2020
info_outline IIP029 Why D&I Only Works with Equity 06/17/2020
info_outline IIP028 While Male Allyship at Work 06/10/2020
info_outline IIP027 Tech & The Future of Work Culture 06/03/2020
info_outline IIP026 4 Virtual Programming Ideas for ERGs 05/27/2020
info_outline IIP025 Celebrating APIA Month During Covid-19 05/20/2020
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info_outline IIP023 How to Avoid Burnout in D&I Work 05/06/2020
info_outline IIP022 How Not to Communicate in Crisis 04/29/2020
info_outline IIP021 How to Be a Better Remote Manager 04/22/2020
info_outline IIP020 Inclusion & Belonging in Uncertain Times 04/15/2020
info_outline IIP019 Build Your Personal Brand Between Jobs 04/08/2020
info_outline IIP018 COVID-19, Remote Work and D&I 04/01/2020
info_outline IIP017 How to Close Tech’s Gender Pay Gap 03/25/2020
info_outline IIP016 What WOC Want White Women to Know 03/18/2020
info_outline IIP015 Building Gender-Inclusive Companies 03/11/2020
info_outline IIP014 My Thoughts on International Women’s Day 03/04/2020
info_outline IIP013 Daily Actions to Be a Better Ally 02/26/2020
info_outline IIP012 How NOT to Celebrate Black History Month 02/19/2020
info_outline IIP011 How Women of Color Can “Lean In” 02/12/2020
info_outline IIP010 Boost Your Visibility as a Minority at Work 02/05/2020
info_outline IIP009 3 Ways to Meaningfully Measure Inclusion 01/29/2020
info_outline IIP008 Why Your Diverse Talent is Leaving 01/22/2020
info_outline IIP007 How I Feel About the Term "POC" 01/15/2020
info_outline IIP006 Corporate D&I Trends in 2020 01/08/2020
info_outline IIP005 The Business Case for Inclusion 12/18/2019
info_outline IIP004 On Wokeness, Cancel Culture & Inclusion 12/04/2019
info_outline IIP003 How Do We Define Inclusion? 11/19/2019
info_outline IIP002 Why Inclusion Starts With Your Story 11/15/2019