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Lockdown Learning

As COVID-19 swept the globe from east to west this year, so has home education. Millions of children woke up one morning to find their schools closed and their new teachers are their parents. Learning at home can be a wonderfully liberating and connecting experience for families that choose it but it can also be daunting and exhausting even at the best of times. And let’s face it – this is not the best of times. No one planned for this. And whereas Home Education is usually done more out of the home than in it as families meeting up with others to socialize, play and learn together all that’s off the table right now. East Kent Sudbury School (www.ekss.co.uk) grew from a group of home educators and as passionate advocates for alternative education we’ve teamed up with our friends at Alpine Valley School (www.alpinevalleyschool.com) in Denver, Colorado to bring you a special podcast season to help you not just survive learning in lockdown but get the most out of this out of school experience.

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