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Martini Mortgage Podcast

Kevin Martini with the Martini Group at Benchmark Mortgage is known for helping his Clients and Real Estate Partners create wealth through real estate with a mortgage. Kevin Martini and the entire Martini Mortgage Group have a unique way to simply and effectively communicate the current home loan and market opportunities. It is not just a house...it is a home. Listen and see for your self...enjoy:) Kevin Martini | NMLS ID 143962 | Senior Mortgage Strategist & Branch Manager | Martini Mortgage Group at Benchmark Mortgage | Ark-La-Tex Financial Services, LLC NMLS ID 2143 | 507 N Blount St Raleigh, NC 27604 | (919) 238-4934 | www.KevinMartini.com | [email protected] | Equal Housing Opportunity

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