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Mere Rhetoric

A podcast for beginners and insiders about the people, ideas and movements that have defined the history of rhetoric.

info_outline James Berlin “Contemporary Composition: the Major Pedagogical Theories.” 06/11/2019
info_outline The Rise of Writing (Deborah Brandt) 01/16/2019
info_outline The Other Eight Attic Orators: Antiphon 02/21/2018
info_outline The Meaningful Writing Project 02/08/2018
info_outline Steven Mailloux--Rhetorical Power 12/11/2017
info_outline Inventing the University--David Bartholomae 11/14/2017
info_outline Halloween special: Freud, the Uncanny and "The Sandman" 10/25/2017
info_outline Engaged Writers & Dynamic Disciplines Podcast 10/18/2017
info_outline The Other Eight: Andocides 10/11/2017
info_outline College Composition and Communication 10/04/2017
info_outline Self: Technology and Literacy in the 21st Century 09/20/2017
info_outline Roberts-Miller: Demagoguery and Democracy 09/13/2017
info_outline The Other Eight: Aeschines 09/06/2017
info_outline RSQ Special Issue: Non-human Animal Rhetorics 08/30/2017
info_outline Mere Rhetoric will return August 2017! 08/01/2017
info_outline Reading Chinese Fortune Cookie 11/02/2016
info_outline Visual Rhetoric: Halloween Special "The Mezzotint" 10/25/2016
info_outline Rhetorical Situation (NEW and IMPROVED!) 10/19/2016
info_outline Writing Studies Research in Practice 10/12/2016
info_outline Longinus and the Sublime 10/07/2016
info_outline George Campbell 09/28/2016
info_outline Habermas and the Public Sphere (NEW and IMPROVED) 09/24/2016
info_outline Habermas and The Public Sphere (NEW AND IMPROVED) 09/14/2016
info_outline Ken Hyland 09/07/2016
info_outline Augustine On Christian Teaching (NEW AND IMPROVED) 08/31/2016
info_outline Epideictic Rhetoric (new and improved!) 08/24/2016
info_outline Saving Persuasion (new and improved!) 08/17/2016
info_outline Isocrates' Encomium of Helen (new and improved!) 08/10/2016
info_outline Killingsworth (Review day!) 08/03/2016
info_outline Kant (new and improved!) 07/27/2016