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On Crisis With Joanna Doven

In the age of ‘fake news,’ political discord, lightning-fast news cycles and social media shaming, it’s essential that all businesses understand crisis communications and have a plan in place. On Crisis, was created by Joanna Doven, one of the U.S.’s youngest big city mayoral press secretaries, who led communications for the 2009 G-20 Economic Summit and in 2013 founded a public relations firm, Premo Consultants. She has since helped some of the world’s largest companies, educational institutions and regional nonprofits navigate employee scandals, reinvent their brands, and glide through turbulent partisan backlash. Doven guest lectures at her alma mater, Carnegie Mellon, and serves as a guest talk show host on KDKA Radio, the world’s first radio station. On Crisis features Doven talking with leaders whose experiences with crisis management run the gamut from skillful leadership that led to better brand recognition to those whose mistakes resulted in dire consequences for the brands they serve. Doven unearths behind-the-scenes stories of real-time decision-making to take listeners inside the crisis, providing helpful takeaways that can be applied to any business plan. On Crisis also explores executives’ ‘aha’ moments, when personal crises helped spawn new perspectives and led to meaningful reinvention.

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