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The Profitable Practice Podcast By: Jason Pilgrim, CEO and founder of the Global Kaizen Group This show is all about empowering and inspiring Allied Health Professionals and business owners to make sure that they get the most out of their clinics and businesses moving forward. I got into this industry to help people, and impact lives. For me, it’s all about changing the lives of 20 million people by 2025, and you guys are a part of that. So, the more that I can help you and impart my knowledge and experience, the more all of us can all grow together. So, I would love it if you could subscribe to the show, share it around and let’s get some really great information and education out there into our amazing industry. This will help all of us work together, improve ourselves personally and professionally, grow the industry, and help change even more lives of the people and the community around us. We sincerely hope you enjoy every single episode. If you’ve got particular topics that you’d love us to talk about or get amazing experts in to talk about, as well as getting behind the scenes, tips and tricks; talk about all their different models and success stories, then please hit us up at [email protected] Each episode is aimed to empower you to further your Allied Health Business to the next level! Find out more at http://www.profitablepractice.com.au

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