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Red Transmissions Podcast

The Red Transmissions podcast aims to document the work, behind-the-scenes moments and creative process of the incredibly interesting characters in our network, be it in Copenhagen, New York, or around the world where our correspondents find themselves or our poetic adventures take us. Find out why artists do what they do, how they do it, and hear about the inner workings of their projects. Contemporary happenings and conversations on culture, music, art, film, poetry and independent projects around the planet. Want to share your story with us? Write to: [email protected]

info_outline The Empire of Light 06/26/2022
info_outline The Genome of Questions 06/04/2022
info_outline PAVILION: Atelier of Silence 06/01/2022
info_outline PAVILION: A play of contrasts 05/29/2022
info_outline PAVILION: Gaping Hole 05/24/2022
info_outline Pink Pavilion Festival is here! 05/20/2022
info_outline The Cook Book 05/18/2022
info_outline RETRO: So be it 05/17/2022
info_outline RETRO: The Parameters of Decay 05/14/2022
info_outline RETRO: Excepter 05/08/2022
info_outline RETRO: The Takeover 05/01/2022
info_outline Group sex in the sauna 04/18/2022
info_outline Liminal Spaces 04/01/2022
info_outline A Cinefile's Travel Journal 03/18/2022
info_outline Poetry and Stage 03/05/2022
info_outline An Island of Poetry 02/22/2022
info_outline The Hunt for Ideas 02/13/2022
info_outline Bringing language to life 01/18/2022
info_outline The Inevitable Places 01/11/2022
info_outline Social Poetics 12/20/2021
info_outline Living Forest 12/13/2021
info_outline Sleeping in Another Galaxy 12/06/2021
info_outline S.A.D 11/15/2021
info_outline Spellbound 11/08/2021
info_outline Precious Balance Walk 11/04/2021
info_outline When art IS the honey 08/11/2021
info_outline Would you like to come home? 07/06/2021
info_outline The Royal College of Lost Art 06/23/2021
info_outline From Cut-Ups to Shotgun Paintings 06/03/2021
info_outline Walking the Beat 04/29/2021