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Soma Collective

Soma Collective is a collaboration of the Soma Byron team exploring creativity, consciousness, and the art of living. Each week Soma founders Gary Gorrow and Peter Ostick interview pioneering guests on a broad range of inspiring topics. www.somabyron.com.au @soma.byron

info_outline Gary Gorrow X Over the Back Fence Podcast 06/11/2024
info_outline Loco Love Unwrapped: building a chocolate empire. 02/26/2024
info_outline Encore: The Continuing Conversation with Kerwin Rae 10/23/2023
info_outline Jaguar Heart: Finding Purpose 10/04/2023
info_outline Visionary Journey w/Damon Gameau 09/20/2023
info_outline Zen and the Art of Heavy Metal with Ben Gordon 09/19/2023
info_outline Integrating the Shadow x/ Pete Isaia 09/18/2023
info_outline Connect to Prana with Bess Prescot 08/24/2023
info_outline Rosi Pletzer: Utilising the subconscious mind to unlock your potential 08/14/2023
info_outline The Secrets to living life by 102 year old Dr Gladys McGarey 08/08/2023
info_outline The Resilience Shield - Ben Pronk 08/02/2023
info_outline From Challenges to Transformation: Kerwin Rae's Inspiring Journey 08/01/2023
info_outline Regenerate the planet w/ Dan Fitzgerald of ReGen 07/18/2023
info_outline Chip Richards - Lessons from the Inner Most Cave 07/11/2023
info_outline The Art of Connection w/ Tamara Dean 05/25/2023
info_outline Ben Bradshaw - Creating Magic 05/24/2023
info_outline The Power of Positivity with Dani Stevens 05/04/2023
info_outline Do IT with Bobby Alu 04/18/2023
info_outline Lindy Lee: Flowing Everywhere and Always. 02/14/2023
info_outline Rich Roll - Unleashing Your Best Self. or Unlocking your Potential 01/24/2023
info_outline Holistic Movement with Rodrigo Perez 11/28/2022
info_outline Evidence based Nutrition and Longevity w/ Simon Hill from The Proof 11/20/2022
info_outline Understanding Taoist Tonic Herbalism - with Mason Superfeast 10/11/2022
info_outline Why compete? 08/30/2022
info_outline Creating Utopia with Sam Elsom, Seaforest Founder 07/07/2022
info_outline Connecting to your purpose: the story of PROJECT PARGO 06/09/2022
info_outline Psychedelics for Mental Health 05/23/2022
info_outline How can we slow down ageing? 04/04/2022
info_outline The Recent Northern Rivers Floods Changed Everything. 03/15/2022
info_outline The Returning with Ella Noah Bancroft 12/15/2021