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The Strength Running Podcast

Coach Jason Fitzgerald shares running advice for new and veteran runners who are passionate about getting stronger, preventing running injuries, and racing faster. Featuring guests like Olympians Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan, best-selling authors Alex Hutchinson and Matt Fitzgerald, and other Physical Therapists, Sports Psychologists, and Coaches. You’ll learn what it takes to run fast, stay healthy, and become a better runner with practical no-nonsense advice.

info_outline 253. Pregnant & Postpartum Running with Dr. Rachel Selman DPT, CSCS 06/23/2022
info_outline 252. Everything You Need to Know About Marathon Fueling with Holley Samuel MEd, RD, CPT 06/16/2022
info_outline 251. How 2x Olympian Kara Goucher Handles Expectations, Pressure, and Pre-Race Anxiety 06/09/2022
info_outline 250. Mountain Runner Kelly Halpin on One-Hour Warm-ups and Well-Rounded Athleticism 06/02/2022
info_outline 249. Ultramarathoner Krissy Moehl on the Value of Adventures, Training Logs, and Reflection 05/26/2022
info_outline 248. Running Form Best Practices and Gait Analysis with Dr. Anh Bui, DPT, CSCS 05/19/2022
info_outline 247. Football Player to 2:52 Marathoner: How Brent Ran 48 Minutes Faster Over 26.2 Miles 05/12/2022
info_outline 246. The Big Stress Fracture Episode with Dr. Emily Kraus 05/05/2022
info_outline 245. Running Explained’s Elisabeth Scott on Pacing, Easy Runs, Zone 2, and More 04/28/2022
info_outline 244. Recovery 101: The 5 Best Ways to Recover From Hard Running 04/21/2022
info_outline 243. How to Build Real-World Mental Toughness (a behind the scenes coaching call) 04/14/2022
info_outline 242. Dr. Noel Brick on How to Think When Running Gets Difficult 04/07/2022
info_outline 241. Molly Huddle on the Ultimate Road Map for Female Distance Runners 03/31/2022
info_outline 240. Strength vs. Power: How to Strength Train So You Race Faster with Professor Andy Galpin 03/24/2022
info_outline 239. Collegiate Strength Coach Angelo Gingerelli on Resistance Training for Endurance Runners 03/17/2022
info_outline 238. Movement Expert Kate Galliet on How to Prevent Your Next Big Injury 03/10/2022
info_outline 237. Essential Ingredients In Your Running (and how to upgrade your training) 03/03/2022
info_outline 236. Pro Adriana Nelson Reflects on a Lifetime of Opportunity, Adversity, and Runningstre/ 02/24/2022
info_outline 235. Training Essentials for Ultrarunning with Coach Jason Koop 02/17/2022
info_outline 234: Are You Making These 5 Training Errors that Cause Running Injuries? 02/10/2022
info_outline 233. How to Set Massive PR’s in Your 40’s (a behind-the-scenes coaching call) 02/03/2022
info_outline 232. How to Approach Your First Marathon (Jason Gets Interviewed!) 01/27/2022
info_outline 231. Dr. Victoria Sekely on Bodyweight Strength Training, Progression, Best Exercises, and More 01/20/2022
info_outline 230. Coach Jason Answers Your Questions: Side Stitches, Cadence, Off-Season, and More 01/13/2022
info_outline 229. Nutrition Science PhD Stephanie Howe on Marathon Fueling, Quick Meals, and Fad Diets 01/06/2022
info_outline 228. Broken to Healthy: How Ultrarunner Connor Meakin Overcame Years of Injury 12/30/2021
info_outline 227. Elite Ultrarunner Geoff Burns, PhD on the Science of Super Shoes 12/23/2021
info_outline 226. 2 x Olympian Nick Willis on What it Takes to Run a Sub-4 Mile for 19 Years Straight 12/16/2021
info_outline 225. Planning a 5k PR: A New Behind-the-Scenes Coaching Call with Coach Chris Robinson 12/09/2021
info_outline 224. Tarkine Startup Founder Sam Burke on Making Eco-Friendly Running Shoes That Last 600+ Miles 12/02/2021