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Subscribe now. Where your personal evolution sparks your leadership (r)evolution. http://EnlightenedExec.com/ Now, more than ever, CEOs, senior executives, and entrepreneurs are hungry for ground-breaking techniques and strategies to get the edge and enhance their personal and leadership effectiveness. Some might call these growth tools “cutting edge” and others may be skeptical of “woo-woo”— but either way there is an intense curiosity for outside-the-box personal growth programs that help you be both a better human and a better leader. In The Enlightened Executive, we will spotlight the latest trends — whether they be programs like Dare to Lead, apps like Inner Balance, Ayahuasca meditation retreats, or tech such as Whoop or Oura — and dig into what they are, what they offer, and whether they actually work to help you evolve personally and professionally. Guests will include founders of these programs and the executives who have experienced them. Up-level your leadership and join the (r)evolution!

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