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The Wise Consumer

Is it possible to live an eco-friendly lifestyle when you're on a budget? Is it normal to have a painful period? How do I know if my skincare products are “safe”? What foods should I eat to support my hormones? How can I reduce my exposure to harmful chemicals? Welcome to The Wise Consumer podcast with Madeleine Wisecup! The show that answers all these questions and more! With the help of the experts -- I am talking scientists, toxicologists, endocrinologists, cosmetic chemists -- you’ll get knowledge and know-how to your most pressing health concerns and sustainability questions, straight from the source. This is a space where I, Madeleine, do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to - a space where you can incrementally evolve, live a more mindful life and do good for yourself, your family and the planet in the process. This is where we can let it all hang out (TMI is most welcome!) with like-minded warriors and women wanting to nourish our bodies and grow gradually without comparison or conditions. Join me every week as we explore mindful and healthy living tips, tricks and takeaways to create the kind of slower, sustainable life you’ve been craving. This is our space, our corner of the world where we feel good to do good. Together. Subscribe wherever you get your podcast and make sure to connect with me at http://www.thewiseconsumer.com and on instagram @thewiseconsumer

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