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THIS IS NOT A TEST is Los Angeles author and musician Michael Phillips talking about books, music, movies, art, culture and truth.

info_outline Come Fly With Me 09/07/2019
info_outline Life Must Be Somewhere to Be Found 08/04/2019
info_outline You Can't Always Get What You Want 06/02/2019
info_outline How a Jacket Changed My Life 05/04/2019
info_outline Interview with Carol Es: Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley 04/06/2019
info_outline Some Book Reviews and Also the History of the Earth 03/03/2019
info_outline Who sneezed in my arpeggio? 02/03/2019
info_outline Mixed Nuts 01/05/2019
info_outline Rain, Coffee, Facebook, and Conspiracy, Coming Straight at You in Startling New Sensurround 12/02/2018
info_outline You Know, That Stuff Will Kill You 11/03/2018
info_outline My Bike Trip Across America 10/06/2018
info_outline Fear and Loathing Beneath a Tranquil Malibu Sunset 09/01/2018
info_outline Festering Pools Of Indignation And Blurry Righteousness 08/04/2018
info_outline Interview with artist and writer Carol Es 07/07/2018
info_outline Love is at the root of our resistance 06/02/2018
info_outline Let us rave today, about things that are raveworthy 05/05/2018
info_outline How to hypnotize a lizard 04/07/2018
info_outline What could possibly go wrong? 03/03/2018
info_outline You can make a statement, but keep it brief 02/03/2018
info_outline Walk through Paisley Park, and keep on movin' 01/08/2018
info_outline A Trip to Bukowski’s House 12/02/2017
info_outline A restless wind inside a letter box 11/04/2017
info_outline If I had a hammer 10/08/2017
info_outline Everywhere is war 09/02/2017
info_outline Memoirs, overturned food carts and new stereo gear 08/05/2017
info_outline Twin Peaks and David Lynch, Non-album B-sides, Orange Is the New Black and Kathy Griffin 07/03/2017
info_outline A hot night with PJ Harvey 06/03/2017
info_outline TV extravaganza: 46 reviews in 50 minutes! 05/06/2017
info_outline I live here in Kill City, where the Snapchat meets the sea 04/01/2017
info_outline This protest is brought to you by American Express 02/04/2017