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This Week in Nope

Rachel Dodes and Brian Hecht are cousins and news junkies who dissect the most abominable news of the week and shut it all down, usually over whiskey. Listen as the cousins lament the disgraceful state of the world, sometimes with the help of a notable guest. But don't despair...they always end with a Yup or two: a beacon of hope amid all the #nope.

info_outline E82: Meryl Streep Vibrates on a Higher Frequency! 06/13/2019
info_outline E81: Tracy Morgan Mixes a Rat Cocktail! 06/06/2019
info_outline E80: Mandy Moore Inhales Molecules of Freedom! 05/30/2019
info_outline E79: Donald Trump Wargs Into a Bathroom Monster! 05/23/2019
info_outline E78: Daenerys Stages a #SexStrike! 05/16/2019
info_outline E77: Nope Live in San Francisco! (feat. Elizabeth Holmes) 05/11/2019
info_outline E76: Arya Stark Gets All Snitty! 05/02/2019
info_outline E75: Elizabeth Warren Boasts: I'm Baby! (feat. co-host Glace Chase) 04/25/2019
info_outline E74: Beyonce Audits Her Mashed Potatoes 04/18/2019
info_outline E73: George Washington Extracts an Undercorn! 04/11/2019
info_outline E72: Joe Biden Nuzzles Panty Pockets! 04/04/2019
info_outline E71: Theresa May Moisturizes with Tarantula Mayonnaise! 03/28/2019
info_outline E70: Elizabeth Holmes Quaffs a Garfuccino! (feat. Andrew Goldman) 03/21/2019
info_outline E69: Felicity Huffman Hatches a Mouse Mastodon! 03/14/2019
info_outline E68: Michael Calamari Cheeses a Verminfluencer! (feat. Taylor Lorenz) 03/07/2019
info_outline E67: Rami Malek Eats Salad With a Comb! 02/28/2019
info_outline E66: Tucker Carlson Noshes on Filth Flies! 02/22/2019
info_outline E65: Lady Gaga Harnesses Her Ribcage! (feat. Christina Binkley) 02/14/2019
info_outline E64: Ashton Kutcher Gives Roger Stone a Manicure! (feat. Glace Chase) 02/08/2019
info_outline E63: Mary Poppins Escapes from Dannemora 01/31/2019
info_outline E62: Freddie Mercury Slurps Generously Buttered Noodles! 01/24/2019
info_outline E61: NOPE LIVE! Rachel & Brian Humiliate Themselves in Front of Superfans! 01/18/2019
info_outline E60: Kevin Hart Has a Blended Orgasm at CES! 01/10/2019
info_outline E59: Chrissy Teigen Marries a Hologram! 01/03/2019
info_outline E58: 2018 - The Year in Nope! 12/28/2018
info_outline E57: Lil Jon Weaves a Hair Amulet! Plus Holiday Gift Guide feat. Lauren Goode 12/20/2018
info_outline E56: Poopsie Splatters The "Holland Tonnel"! 12/14/2018
info_outline E55: Ed Sheeran Flips a Fiery Bicycle! 12/06/2018
info_outline E54: Bradley Cooper Reveals His Tiny Turtle! (feat. Bevy Smith) 11/29/2018
info_outline E53: Ariana Grande Rakes America Great Again! 11/23/2018