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Social Entrepreneurship Now Podcast

The Social Entrepreneurship Now Podcast offers an opportunity to individuals to create societal/economic value on a sustainable basis through partnership and collaboration with the business sector, public health agencies, and community organizations. Social entrepreneurship is a natural expression of visionary leadership designed to meet vast societal needs not easily addressed under current business models. Most importantly social entrepreneurship involves loving kindness. Leaders come to this podcast to learn how to be more transformational, more socially conscious in their efforts, and how to create more inclusive teams. What are your diversity and inclusion goals? What are your social impact goals? Whatever your goal, I’m here to coach you and help you to take the next brave step.

info_outline Why We Need Doctors in the Civic Space: Dr. Nilesh Explains... 06/19/2020
info_outline How Connecting People Improves Diversity & Inclusion Efforts 11/12/2019
info_outline Episode 16-We Have No Excuse NOT To Be Great Nurse Leaders 06/27/2019
info_outline Episode 15-Millennial Nurses Are Everyday Changemakers 06/03/2019
info_outline Episode 14-The Biases We Share: The Uncut Version 02/27/2019
info_outline Episode 13-Using Emotional Intelligence in a School Based Health Center 02/12/2019
info_outline Episode 12-A New Year's Goal: Using Mindfulness to Keep Your Cool Talking About Racial Justice in 2019 12/31/2018
info_outline Episode 11-Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Inclusion 12/10/2018
info_outline Episode 10-Social Justice as a Global Health Issue: A Nurses Role 11/05/2018
info_outline Episode 9-How White Coats 4 Black Lives Intends to Eliminate Racial Bias in Medicine 09/28/2018
info_outline Episode 8-How Michelle of Nurspreneur Nation Became a Nurse Boss 09/13/2018
info_outline Episode 7-How Nurses can Use Mindfulness to Unpack White Privilege 07/27/2018
info_outline Episode 6-Teaching Health Equity in Nursing: Barriers that Exist and Promises that Await 07/13/2018
info_outline Episode 5-How Dialogue Lab is Making a Difference in Diversity Work 06/29/2018
info_outline Episode 4-How Nurses Can Meaningfully Influence Health Policy 06/15/2018
info_outline Episode 3-Nurses: Don't Wait to be Invited to the Table, Pull up a Chair! 06/01/2018
info_outline Episode 2-How a Nursing Student Advocated for Social Justice 05/15/2018
info_outline Episode 1 - How Do I Use Coaching in My Nursing Practice? 05/01/2018