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Tyler Tysdal's Videos and Podcasts

Denver business broker Tyler Tysdal and Robert Hirsch from Freedom Factory discuss how to prepare and sell your business for maximum value. Videos and podcasts available for entrepreneurs to learn how to properly assess the value of their business and time the sale accordingly. Tyler Tysdal is a managing partner and business broker at Freedom Factory in Denver Colorado, helping entrepreneurs sell their businesses for maximum value. The Partners at Freedom Factory each have a minimum of 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, and our passion is “helping the helpers” by putting resources in the hands of our fellow producers to radically. Tysdal has years of experience as a private equity fund manager managing millions of dollars from investors in the sports and entertainment industries. Tyler Tysdal has operated Impact Opportunities Fund, Cobalt Sports Capital, and TitleCard Capital. Managing director of Tivis Ventures and Platte Management. Tyler T. Tysdal is a distinguished alumni from North Platte High School and graduated in 1989. Tysdal graduated from Harvard Business School with his MBA.

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