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The Video Insiders Podcast

Carlos Pacheco and Denis Crushell are two marketing and YouTube veterans who have worked behind the scenes helping content producers, and online creators market and build channels. In each podcast episode, we give you our perspective on what's happening on YouTube, we share our perspective based on experience and discuss the strategies behind monetizing and building audiences online. Join us on a semi-monthly basis where we discuss audience and channel strategies, the changes and struggles of the platforms, and the latest tactics, strategies, and trends. About the hosts: Carlos Pacheco is currently the director of OTT strategy at Just for Laughs. After a career in advertising and marketing, he joined Just for Laughs as a digital director using his SEO and marketing experience to help grow its YouTube network. Following that he joined Boat Rocker Media where he helped build a channel network and internal rights management. After, he joined his wife to help co-manage Truly Inc, a content strategy firm in Toronto. YouTube opportunities continued to knock on his door so he returned to consulting and then JFL came calling back to work on OTT and FAST channel management. Denis Crushell is The Chief Commercial Officer of Precise TV, he previously worked as Chief Revenue Officer at Tubular Labs. Prior to that, h was Head of EMEA Sponsorships at YouTube. I also held various commercial leadership roles at Google. Denis has a lot of background in the online video advertising space and the creator economy from my time at Tubular Labs.

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