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Elevating Pikes Peak Women

Welcome to Empowering Pikes Peak Women. On this podcast, we plan to explore topics of critical importance to local women. Topics such as voting rights and access, healthcare reform, pay equity, community innovation, and investment, women’s health, and safety, challenges with career and family, or the actions of politicians for or against women’s rights. We want to inspire YOU to jump in and make a difference in local business and politics. In the past, we’ve hosted in-person events but we believe our work is more important now than ever and you can listen and engage at your convenience from a safe distance. Former Mayor Mary Lou Makepeace will serve as our moderator. If you don’t know Mary Lou – you’re missing out. She’s an absolute dynamo and a wonder woman on the front lines for expanding opportunities for women across the spectrum. She’s done it….and she’s committed to helping the next generation take over and make their mark. But this is a two-way conversation – we’d love to hear from YOU about the topics you think are most important to women. What’s keeping you up at night? What’s blocking you from achieving your dreams? What do you want to learn more about? Please email us at [email protected] or post on our facebook page with your story ideas and concerns. Find us interesting? Sign up to receive our podcast on Apple or Spotify……..share with your friends. But most of all – engage and listen! We look forward to sharing intriguing and important women’s stories with you!

Living Through the Pullback

Life and trading aren’t as different as they may seem. We believe that knowledge is power and together we can help achieve our own greatness. Through our personal experiences and guest interviews, we will be discussing everything from the race relations in America, the wealth gap, saving, investing, wealth building, political market influence and trading. Join us each week as we take a deep dive into these topics.

The 90% Podcast

A look into the world of politics from the perspective of two teenagers, Tommy and Ian. New episodes every other wednesday

Run For Something

Amanda Litman is the co-founder and executive director of Run for Something (and the author of a book by the same name) -- since launching in 2017, RFS has recruited 60,000 people to run for local office across the country. Every Tuesday, you'll meet some of the RFS candidates (and newly elected public servants!): They're parents, scientists, teachers, refugees, artists, veterans, and more, of all races and ethnicities -- the one thing they all share is their commitment to solving problems in their communities. If you're new to the political process, don't worry, we'll explain how the whole thing works. Subscribe and listen in for a conversation about politics in 2020 that, in spite of everything, will make you hopeful for the future.

Pops N Drops

Our goal is the highlight established as well as up and coming artists in the world of Pop and Electronic Dance Music.

Estudio DC con Gerson Borrero

Para ser buenos ciudadanos en una democracia, tenemos que hacer preguntas difíciles y hablar con el poder de la verdad. Por 40 años, esa ha sido la motivación del periodista y activista Gerson Borrero. En Estudio DC, se exploran los temas más importantes para los hispanos de los Estados Unidos. Cada semana, pondremos en perspectiva los acontecimientos que afectan directamente a la comunidad hispana con expertos que día a día luchan en las trincheras para proteger nuestros intereses - hombres y mujeres que toman las decisiones y luchan en las batallas más importantes de nuestros tiempos. Suscríbanse y sean parte de la conversación semanal de Estudio DC - una producción de HITN.

Gary's Gulch

Our Founding Fathers gave us simple guidelines for protecting our lives, liberty, property, and finances. As a society it’s time for us to get back to becoming producers, not takers. This call to freedom is to lead our families and communities to a better future. Inspired by Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, Gary's Gulch is for lifelong learners. Liberty seekers. Energized people like you, driven to make YOUR world a better, more productive place – If you are prone to blaming others for your lot in life, or expect another to fix your situation, this podcast is NOT for you. Topics include family, legacy, small business, investments, education and personal finances. Your show host is veteran Navy Captain Gary Pinkerton, an accomplished Naval submarine commander and advisor who is guiding families across the country to achieve this mission – Mastering and sharing Unique Genius. Now is the time to bolster our freedoms and produce value; to create a stronger Nation and brighter tomorrow.

OQ Politics

Join Independent political analyst Omer Qureshi as he navigates the interesting and sometimes annoying world of politics.

The Liberator Podcast

Abolitionists T. Russell Hunter, James Silberman, and Sam Riley take on the pro-life and pro-choice establishments the only way they know how - As harshly as truth and as uncompromisingly as justice.

Collectively Speaking

Collectively Speaking is a podcast where people passionate about Singapore, from all walks of life, gather to chat about our past, present & future across multiple themes pertinent to a thriving & harmonious society. Each episode features a panel of experts (in their own right) who open the curtain on a specific theme through multiple perspectives in an attempt to develop ideas about Singapore's future. Subscribe to the show, follow us on IG @thebirthdaycollective for occasional AMAs with panelists and FB (The Birthday Collective) to discover more content and opportunities the collective has to offer. Collectively Speaking is supported by FeelMedia, Sally's Music Productions, IMDA's Pixel Studios and MCCY.

Faith Wins Podcast

Engaging Christians in the Public Arena. Faith Wins is dedicated to educating, activating and mobilizing faith leaders and their congregations, helping them leverage their influence and impact within the governmental and political arena. Help Us Give the Church Its Voice.

LaSalle Street

Welcome to LaSalle Street, a podcast on derivatives markets, clearing houses, and emerging issues shaping our global financial markets. This show is hosted by the Financial Markets Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, headquartered on LaSalle Street in the heart of Chicago’s financial district. On the podcast we’ll explore new research and hold discussions on central clearing, trade execution, financial technology, and systemic stability. So come join us on LaSalle Street.