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The AMP Business Podcast

The AMP Business Podcast is focused on local topics of interest for residents of Chico, Durham, Paradise and other nearby California communities. The format of the show is mainly interviews and roundtable discussions. In our first season we take an in-depth exploration of the current state of homelessness in Chico Ca. We meet the service providers, community activists and law enforcement folks who are tackling this challenge head-on. In the second season we meet some local entrepreneurs that own and operate stand-out businesses in the community. We learn how they got started, how they overcame adversity and what makes them tick! In future seasons expect to meet your local politicians and learn about their policies - no quick sound bites here, just straight-forward conversations about local politics. Expect to also learn about Butte County’s coming cannabis industry and what to expect. Local community conversations that matter - learn more at www.amp.build or follow us on Instagram @amp.build or like us on Facebook at facebook.com/ampdotbuild.

America The Bizarre

Dive into the weirdness of American history each week with Jordan Rausch as she explores the crazy stories that built America.

newtknight's podcast

Ed Sebesta has fought the neo-Confederate movement for over 20 years. This is a short pod cast about the award given to him by the African American Civil War Museum in DC; the university press books he has co-edited; the peer-reviewed academic articles published in universities such as Cambridge University. Also, a description of some resources he has set up to provide information about neo-Confederates. If you want to help bring Confederate monuments down or oppose the neo-Confederate movement this podcast will provide that information as well as why Ed Sebesta is a credible expert on this topic.

Classroom, Career, Community

Classroom, Career, Community is the official podcast of the Merced College Business Resource Center. The Merced College Business Community Education Center provides local employers and residents with customized training to enhance their skills in the workplace. Programs such as the nationally recognized Customer Service Academy as well as the newer program, the Emerging Leaders Institute are offered through the Business Community Education Center.

OH&S SafetyPod

Listen along as Occupational Health & Safety Editor Sydny Shepard takes a deep dive into occupational safety and health topics with industry experts.

Changing Hearts & Minds

Changing Hearts & Minds is a history podcast. We talk about everything that has to do with the history of warfare. Everything from clandestine operations, battles, and individuals and technology connected to the history of warfare.

Tactical Blue TV

Learn new practical law enforcement skills on the go. Tactical Blue TV teaches practical training you can apply right now. We know you want to train more, but you don't have time. We know you have other commitments, but police training is essential for your survival. Sgt. Hector Solis with his experience as a law enforcement professional, brings unique leaders in the industry to talk about police topics without red tape. Stay up to date with the latest laws, tactics, and training, increase your confidence, and improve job performance. Sit back, relax, and take notes. You are about to listen to the best law enforcement podcast in the nation.

Revolution of One

Revolution of One is about the change that begins with you. There is nothing more powerful than individual people who are free to set their own path and take charge of their own lives. But we also recognize that simply being free to make your own choices is not enough. Just knowing where you want to go doesn't give you everything you need to get there. That's why Revolution of One is so important. Revolution of One will help you bring your dreams into reality with practical, actionable advice based on our nearly 75 years of experience in economics and entrepreneurship education. We will show you how to think like an entrepreneur, how to find meaning in your work at every stage of your career, and how to unlock incredible opportunities for personal and financial success by focusing on creating value for everyone around you. Our mission is to convince as many people as we can that they have the permission and the power to be the dominant creative force in their own lives. Join the Revolution and get ready to be inspired.

Time + Talent Podcast

Leading community volunteers can be challenging, but it's rewarding too! In each season of the T + T Podcast, Tobi Johnson, of VolunteerPro, and Jennifer Bennett of VolunteerMatch, team up to chat with some of the best and brightest in our field. If you are a nonprofit staffer or volunteer leader looking for renewed inspiration and fresh ideas in volunteer engagement, this podcast is for you!

Fed Talks by Baker Tilly

The Fed Talks Podcast is a series of audio episodes featuring current issues in government contracting, offering thoughtful, bite-sized insights with rotating guests from inside and outside Baker Tilly.

Her Congress- With Dr. Grace

Meet Dr. Grace, who is running for Congress in California's District 41. Dr. Grace Williams embodies the spirit and strength of 21 st Century America. An immigrant who learned the language, worked her way through college, served in the military, is raising two children as a single mother and has devoted her work life to public service. Dr. Grace understands the challenges faced by individuals and families looking for a better life.