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Releasing The Genius

Want to learn from thought leaders and change-makers around the world? Every Wednesday at 8 pm, join hosts Kim and Nathan Langen, a mother and son duo on their enlightening quest, featuring insightful interviews with global pioneers, innovators, and disruptors. Whether you are a parent raising future leaders, a student, an educator or an individual searching for the genius within, this is the podcast for you!

Stories of Impact

Featuring stories of new scientific research on human flourishing that translate these basic discoveries into practical tools. Bringing a mix of curiosity, compassion, and creativity that will appeal to all ages, host Richard Sergay and producer Tavia Gilbert shine a spotlight on the human impact at the heart of a cutting-edge social and scientific research project. This project was made possible through the generous support of a grant from Templeton World Charity Foundation.

The Lex Files

Join Lex Pelger on his weekly quest to decipher the ways people are biohacking their bodies and minds with topics like cannabinoids, psychonautics, and more. Spanning traditional healing to the newest scientific breakthroughs, experts reveal their insights into how we can engineer our lives through a better understanding of the world around us. Brought to you every Monday by CV Sciences.

The BlazeMaster Podcast

Welcome to the BlazeMaster Fire Protection Systems podcast, featuring discussions, interviews and information about the fire safety industry. For more information about any of the topics explored in this podcast, visit blazemaster.com.

Kentucky Lungcast

Thanks for checking out the Kentucky Lungcast, the official podcast of the American Lung Association's LungForce Run/Walk in Louisville, Kentucky. Each episode in this four-part series features important conversations with heroes involved in all aspects of lung disease: from our local LungForce hero to a doctor on the front lines of medical research, and more. Be sure to share and subscribe so you don't miss an episode! To find out more information about the upcoming LungForce Run/Walk, visit https://cutt.ly/LungForce.

Agricology Podcast

Moving towards farming systems that harness ecological processes to maintain productive agriculture whilst also building resilience, efficiency, and regenerating the farm environment is a constant learning process. www.agricology.co.uk is a hub for farmers and researchers to share the latest innovations and experiences of putting agroecology into practice. We chat with some of the movers and shakers in the fields, labs and food supply chains; focusing in on different sustainable farming practices in ‘Agroecology in focus’ and speaking with innovating farmers ‘In the field.’

SolveItForKids podcast

Solve It! for Kids - The science podcast for curious & creative kids and their families. Peek into the world of real-life scientists, engineers, and experts as they solve problems in their every day jobs. Kids and families are then invited to take on a challenge and solve a problem themselves! Join Jennifer Swanson and Jeff Gonyea as they ask questions, solve problems, and offer challenges that take curiosity and creativity to a whole new level. Don’t forget to participate in our weekly challenges! If you do, you can be entered to win a free book. (Different book every month!)

Looking Up with Dr. Deepika Chopra

Optimism doctor and visual imagery expert Dr. Deepika Chopra has studied the science of happiness. Join her as she blends together holistic practices with evidence-based science to cultivate more optimism, success, hope and resiliency in the lives of others. Looking Up is a holistic + science-based podcast covering the ins and outs of being a human — without the perfectionism and toxic positivity. In each episode, you’ll get to hear from elite athletes, recording artists, couples, parents, poets, and experts all while learning real tools and practical skills to increase your own optimism and joy and resiliency from Dr. Deepika as well as trailblazing experts and scientists in the field! Subscribe to Looking Up anywhere you listen to your podcasts currently. Follow @drdeepikachopra on Instagram for some behind the scenes footage and to get some of your own personal questions answered on the show. Things are Looking Up!

The Inspiring Co

The Inspiring Co podcast was created to expand the world of wellness and sustainability for anyone who doesn’t know where to start, feels overwhelmed by the health- and green-washing claims or wants to deep dive into holistic wellness and ecological practices. Each week, we’ll hear the stories of visionaries, creators and purpose-driven champions all of whom have embodied wellness, sustainability and human impact as key elements in their businesses and lives. These stories will leave us enriched, inspired and empowered to be healthier, more conscious consumers, environmental stewards and compassionate citizens in our own lives and for our planet.

Heart of Family Medicine

Thank you for tuning into the Alberta College of Family Physician’s podcast The Heart of Family Medicine. This podcast will explore stories that demonstrate the unique and trusted relationships that Albertans have with their family physicians. The interviews and stories will communicate the collective contributions, capabilities, and commitments of family physicians to the people of Alberta. Family physicians have a special role in the health care system due to their broad scope of practice and relationships with other healthcare providers. They work diligently both within and outside of their practices to provide excellent care to their patients and contribute to the health of their communities and the advancement of family medicine. We often define the specialty of family medicine using the head, the hands, and the heart as an analogy. With the head encompassing the medical information and knowledge gathered during medical school; the hands acting as the catalyst to apply the skills and knowledge developed; and lastly the compassion and the emotional intelligence to be able to connect and communicate with the people they serve symbolizing the Heart of Family Medicine. We hope you enjoy our podcast and continue to hear more from us.

Science is here

Scientist Dr. Barry Fitzgerald speaks with researchers based at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), the Netherlands. Topics include key issues such as the energy transition, healthcare, robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IOT) the role of technology, and lots more besides.

The Great Reset

The world can recover from COVID-19, but can we seize this opportunity to make it a greener, fairer and smarter place? This podcast from the World Economic Forum follows the progress of the Great Reset - as stakeholders from business, government and society seek to change how the world works, putting people and planet at the heart of everything we do