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True Stories. Urban Myths. Legendary Curses. Mysteries Abound.

The Catholic Culture Podcast

A weekly podcast hosted by musician and writer Thomas V. Mirus, exploring everything Catholic, with a special focus on arts and culture. Dedicated to the Holy Family. An extension of CatholicCulture.org.

The Success Show

Hello and welcome to my channel, The Success Show! I am excited to present my podcasts to you and engage with you as we discuss your success and other topics with people all over the world to enlighten us! My name is Joshua S. Kangley, most people just call me Josh. I am the author of the book, "The 7 Principles of Success" which is exclusively on Amazon! If you haven't picked up the book yet please do as it will be a great tool to listen along with and give you a better idea of what we will be talking about! This "7 Principles of Success" podcast series will be about my book and I will go in depth into each principle and also answer any questions you may have. I am very excited about this and to share with you how I went from broke, jail, and miserable to a healthy serial entrepreneur! If I can, I know you can too, no matter where you are or have been! Listen to my podcasts to discover how I did it. Any questions you want me to answer on air or topics to discuss please email me at josh@hellomynameisjosh.com I will try and get to them all.

Psychic Readings Today Psychic Christine Podcast

Psychic Reading Expert Christine has been practicing her art for over thirty years throughout the United States, Europe and Asia . Christine’s main goal is to tell you the past as it was, present as it is and the future as it will be . Psychic Christine will be discussing love,relationship advice and how to make it work also topics on spirituality, bad energies, good energies and where they derive from. Join in every Sunday feel free to email your questions and comments . For private reading call 201-953-0658.

Everything Is Energy

Connect to your own inner knowing of your ability to create your life and transform energy. This show is created with the intention to reintroduce some very simple and fundamental practices, and understandings about our capacity as human beings to create and transform physical and mental space.. for healing of ourselves and the planet. Let your light shine!

Dreamtobealive Podcast

Welcome home to a podcast made for dreamer's like you. On this podcast we will discuss, learn and ultimately grow together. This podcast discusses the modern day challenges that christian's face. If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one this podcast was made for you. Enjoy the variety of conversations and messages created to inspire, uplift and motivate you to pursue God's plan for your life. Dream to be alive is a place where your dreams become plans and your plans manifest purpose.

Aufgeklärtes Herz - Podcast by Eva Kampfmann

Mit meinem Podcast "Aufgeklärtes Herz" möchte ich Mut, Klarheit, Liebe und Authentizität vermitteln. Wir dürfen uns darauf besinnen, woher wir wirklich kommen und was unsere Schöpfung bedeutet. Wieso entfremden wir uns davon und kämpfen dagegen an? Ich möchte Wissen für das Herz und den Verstand vermitteln, Missstände und einen alternativen Weg aufzeigen. Es geht um Nachhaltigkeit, Leben im Einklang mit der Natur, innere und äußere - weibliche und männliche Werte, Eltern sein, Sexualität sowie Spiritualität. In vielen Bereichen sind wir von kleinauf stark in eine Richtung konditioniert worden, ohne das nun als "reife aufgeklärte Erwachsene" erneut zu hinterfragen. Doch wenn bisher noch nicht - dann doch genau jetzt! Viel Spaß mit meinen Podcast! Eure Eva @http://www.aufgeklaertes-herz.de @aufgeklaertesherz Instagram @https://www.facebook.com/AufgeklaertesHerz/

Kandel Sisters's Podcast

The podcast for curious minds and courageous hearts. Join us as we dive into this wild and wacky world through conversations on mental health, faith, art, and everything that brings a sparkle to our eyes. Our goal is to inspire curiosity and ignite you to live your life with expanded joy.

Hineni (Here I Am)

Hi, I'm Rabbi Sandra Lawson. Welcome to my podcast on Torah, Jewish prayer, and Jewish music. The Torah is amazing and full of wonderful lessons that we can still learn from today.

The Road Home To You

Join Matt and Brandy Goebel and their guests as they have real conversations about finding and keeping faith in the midst of a broken and messy world.

God's New Wineskin Church (GNWChurch)

God's New Wineskin Church (GNWChurch) is where your new season with God begins. We are a local Christian church based in San Diego, California. Our Sunday service starts at 10:30am.  Whether you're looking for a home church or simply visiting, you're more than welcome to experience the worship, message and fellowship within our church family. Website: www.gnwchurch.org

Spei Lumina - Light's Of Hope

Spei Lumina — Lights of Hope — is a podcast devoted to exploring Imaginal Prayer in these arduous times. We live in a time when the secular world around us is so driven by blame, shame, division, despair, disaster, and inciting reactions amongst and between people. In years past, some found refuge and strength in the religious world. Today the religious world remains silent as they scramble to make their doctrines and dogmas make sense in modern times. Too much of the religious world has come under the influence of the secular world and silently enables the actions of those in the secular world whose words, rhetoric, and intentions are destructive to human rights and advancement. Too much energy is spent complaining about others and infuriating others by actions, words, beliefs and values not commonly shared. We are often too quick to shame, blame and ridicule those whose actions and values are contrary to our own and too inert to dialog with those we disagree, to be compassionate with those who don’t share the same views, to befriend those who are so unlike ourselves. We were not created to find fault, to disparage, to ridicule nor shame others. We were created to be transformed by Love — God’s for all creation — and through our individual transformation by that Love, collectively transform the world by walking in that Light of Truth, Love, and Joy in our own journeys. Join me, your host, Fr. Donald Knight, as we explore together imaginal prayer — day dreaming with a purpose — to help us raise our consciousness above the fray and be illuminated by Spirit on how we individually are called to be Light’s of Hope, Love, Peace, and Wholeness to all those we encounter as we advance along our spiritual journey.