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DevOps Paradox

What is DevOps? We will attempt to answer this and many more questions.

Webb Applications

Jason Webb, self proclaimed "Me.E.O.", shares the marketing strategies he is using to grow Follow-Up Fuel, and how what he is learning can also apply to his job as D.A.D.

That's Total Mom Sense

As first time moms, we often struggle with navigating our new role. Whether we're Googling for answers at 3 am, joining FB groups, or are taking advice from friends, we must realize there’s no substitute for our intuitive superpower - "mom sense." Entrepreneur, wife, and mom of three (twins + 1) Kanika Chadda Gupta, invites guests to share their mom sense experiences and dig deep on topics like what to expect when you're done expecting, dealing with mom guilt, teaching your child to meditate, rekindling your marriage, and mastering your 5-minute makeup routine. Grab your latte (that's probably ice cold by now) and laugh while you learn with "That's Total Mom Sense.

Sobre Podcasting

Noticias, información, análisis y comunidad para todos los podcasters de habla hispana de todo el mundo. Bienvenidos a toda la familia obsesionada con podcasting a el show donde nos mantendremos al tiempo de todo lo que tenemos que saber sobre podcasting! Únase a su anfitriona y miembra del Salón De La Fama de la Academia De Podcasting, con 13 años de experiencia en la industria, Elsie Escobar, mientras analiza la información más reciente sobre podcasting y comparte consejos e inspiración para mantener a la comunidad con energía y lista para mantenerse podcasting. ¡Este es show es alimentado por la comunidad! Si tienen algo que agregar o alguna pregunta, o simplemente decir !hola¡ Manden comentarios de voz a elsie@sobrepodcasting.com

The Richer Geek

What if you could be doing something smarter with your money that creates income now? If you’re an IT or other high-income professional who’s wanting to get ahead financially and enjoy greater freedom of choice… If you want a comfortable retirement and you know you’ll have more choices if you can do more with your money now… If you’ve wondered who else in Tech is creating ways to make their money work for them, and you want actionable ideas with honest pros and cons and NO fluff… Welcome to the Richer Geek Podcast – where we’re helping IT professionals find creative ways to build wealth and financial freedom. I’m Nichole Stohler. In this podcast, you’ll hear from others who are already doing these things… and learn how you can, too.

WomensBizSystems's podcast

You’re listening to the Women’s Biz Systems Podcast where we firmly believe it’s time to systematize and scale your business! I’m Marissa Stone and I am here to tell you that you did not not leave a 40 hour a week job for an 80 hour a week habit. Here’s the secret: Today's businesses need SYSTEMS! And as a female business owner, you need systems in place that work as hard as you do! But that hard work doesn’t have to feel like work! It’s time to increase productivity, reduce dependency on you, generate and cultivate high-quality leads, build client relationships that result in loyal brand advocates and increase your revenue so you can build the dream life and business you envision. It's time to learn from women just like you who are getting real about the business systems they use everyday to find their passion, put themselves and their families back on their calendars, build crucial growth strategies, add hours back into their week, and scale their businesses to new heights all while staying firmly planted in their zone of genius, automagically! I’m your host Biz Growth Strategist and Systems Queen Marissa Stone, now let’s talk systems!

Access Points Podcast

Welcome to Access Points, the podcast where we discuss the tools, habits and ideas that can help you achieve and maintain the leadership mindset so you can reach peak performance.


Energypreneurs is a podcast that brings solar power, electric vehicles and battery technologies to young entrepreneurs. Sohail Hasnie, our host, is a firm believer that the solution to climate change lies in these technologies, which will also fundamentally change the way we think about electricity and transportation—on road, on water and even on air. Over the last 35 years, Sohail has applied technology and innovation in many large infrastructure projects across Australasia. As a staff of the Asian Development Bank since 2001, he has developed large investment projects with solar power, battery, and electric vehicles across Asia.

The Business End

We cover everything about the business of defense, from big Pentagon procurement programs to budget battles on Capitol Hill. It's The Business End, hosted by John Robinson, managing editor of Defense Daily. Check us out online at www.defensedaily.com.


Todellinen Y-sukupolven podcast, jossa 90-luvun lapset Toni, Janne ja Emma ruotivat maailman menoa millenniumista tähän päivään. Uusi jakso joka toinen torstai!

ZDK Podcast - Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe

"ZDK Podcast" ist der offizielle Podcast vom Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe (ZDK)

You, Me, and Your Top Three

You, Me, and Your Top Three is a podcast focused on exploring leadership in the connecting world. Specifically, the podcast invites leaders to tell stories, reflect, and discuss their views on: - disruptions in industry and society; - how they are leading transformations considering these disruptions - brave leadership to drive transformation. It is this last point where we focus most of the discussion, asking our guests to share their insights into the relationships they have with their “Top 3” closest advisors. It is our observation and experience that as the world connects, the importance of a diverse set of counselors is increasing in value. For some this may be a formal advisor who has been contracted on behalf of the company. For most this will be deep relationships in which they have been invested and nurtured. Through stories and discussion, we strive to celebrate the art of giving and receiving advice. The stories that are told are heartfelt and real. At the root we are exploring the process of knowledge building, relationship building, and perhaps most importantly, confidence building. After all, it takes a brave leader to battle the inertia that exists in industries, our organizations, and in ourselves. It is our hope that as successful leaders open up about around the subjects and the way in which they interact with their closest confidants, that our listeners will, in turn, reflect on their own “virtual board of advisors.” Over time they will then surround themselves with those who help them stretch toward greatness and lead bravely in the connecting world.