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Data Analytics - Is it Fundamentally Transforming the Audit?

CPA Australia Podcast

Release Date: 11/11/2016

Professor Miklos Vasarhelyi , leading researcher in data analytics and a widely published professor on the topics of continuous audit, data analytics and big data, speaks to CPA Australia on whether data analytics is fundamentally transforming the audit or if it is just a new means of gathering the same evidence as in the past. Prof. Vasarhelyi talks about how data analytics is shaping the future of audit and how auditors need to embrace that future. Miklos is KPMG’s Distinguished Professor of Accounting Information Systems at Rutgers University Business School in Newark & New Brunswick in the US, and Director of Rutgers’ Accounting Research Centre and Continuous Auditing and Reporting Lab. Miklos has been a pioneer of continuous auditing, having developed the original continuous audit application, and is a leading academic in developing and promoting data analytics.