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Toxins In Processed and Fast Foods and How They Impact Your Health with Cheryl Meyer

Green Living with Tee

Release Date: 11/07/2022

Integrative Nutrition with Suzy Wood show art Integrative Nutrition with Suzy Wood

Green Living with Tee

It’s a common misconception that good food and good food alone can make you healthy! Though healthy eating may be one of the most important components of a balanced and healthy lifestyle, the reality is that many other areas of our lives could be causing illnesses or damage to our overall well-being.  On today's show, Tee welcomes Suzy Wood to explain how the integration of healthy practices along all walks of life is vital for achieving a balanced and holistic lifestyle. Suzy explains her journey from global citizen and high-tech marketer to Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Suzy...

How to Fully Overcome Your Chronic Gut and Digestive Issues with Kayley O’Brien show art How to Fully Overcome Your Chronic Gut and Digestive Issues with Kayley O’Brien

Green Living with Tee

This week Tee was delighted to welcome Kayley O’Brien to the show. Kayley is a certified gut health nutrition coach who helps people overcome their chronic gut and digestive issues by finding and treating the root causes using the principles of ancestral nutrition and holistic health.  After overcoming her decade-long struggle with IBS, chronic constipation, abdominal pain, and other digestive issues, Kayley wanted to share what she learned from both her own experience and her nutrition and health studies to help others! Since then, Kayley has been coaching people towards better gut...

How to Spot Greenwashing Featuring Emma Dendler show art How to Spot Greenwashing Featuring Emma Dendler

Green Living with Tee

Emma Dendler is an environmental activist and content creator focusing on making eco-friendly living accessible for everyone. Her mission is to make low-waste living free, easy, and fun for everyone while educating her audience about climate-related issues.  In this episode, Emma and Tee unpack the secrets behind identifying “greenwashing”, a common practice amongst companies hoping to allure environmentally conscious customers with products that report to be environmentally friendly when in reality continue to contain harmful plastics, chemicals, or toxins. Emma shares some simple...

Living Green and Chemical Free in 2023 show art Living Green and Chemical Free in 2023

Green Living with Tee

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Green Living With Tee of 2023. In order to kick off the new year, Tee wanted to share this conversation she had with Mike DiCioccio on his podcast, Mike’D Up! In this talk, Tee shares her story of becoming a Toxins Health Specialist while giving listeners an array of tips and tricks on how to live a more chemically-free lifestyle. Tee shares her expert insights by helping guide you to healthier choices for yourself, and your family, and yes that also includes your pets. She joins #MikedUp to educate us on the benefits of alternative products such as...

Tee’s Annual Review & 60th Birthday Celebration show art Tee’s Annual Review & 60th Birthday Celebration

Green Living with Tee

In this special episode, Tee looks back on the past year and reflects upon the incredible milestone of turning 60 and how aging can be difficult for many women. Tee shares her outlook on the beauty of aging and how each wrinkle tells a unique story of her journey towards a happier and healthier lifestyle.  In this bite-sized pod Tee also shares tips with listeners about some of the everyday ways that we can address both our health and our overall well-being. Listeners will learn some simple pitfalls to avoid and some of Tee's recommendations on how to deal with everything from dangerous...

Naturally Fix Your Sleep with Dr. John Neustadt show art Naturally Fix Your Sleep with Dr. John Neustadt

Green Living with Tee

Dr. John Neustadt has an international reputation as a researcher and integrative medical expert. Dr. John became renowned in this field through his nutritional medicine research, clinical work, books, and work with the FDA on evaluating the use of natural products for the potential treatment of rare diseases, developing million-dollar businesses educating physicians on improving patient outcomes, and the general public on how to make sure they’re getting the care they need and the results they want! In this episode, Tee and Dr. John discuss the importance of achieving sleep naturally and...

Why Is Your Gut Health So Essential to Your Well Being? Featuring Margaret Floyd Barry show art Why Is Your Gut Health So Essential to Your Well Being? Featuring Margaret Floyd Barry

Green Living with Tee

There are so many potentially harmful foods in our modern diet that could be affecting your health, more specifically your gut health. Today we are talking with Margaret Floyd Barry, a functional nutritionist who focuses on the intersection of digestive health and autoimmunity. In this conversation, Margaret answers many of the questions people have about auto-immune disorders and gut health. Margaret explains the biological breakdowns that can lead to leaky gut while also unpacking various auto-immune health issues and how they relate to diet, stress, hormones, and overall lifestyle...

Estrogen Dominance as It Relates to Xenoestrogens Featuring Dr. Tabatha Barber show art Estrogen Dominance as It Relates to Xenoestrogens Featuring Dr. Tabatha Barber

Green Living with Tee

Dr. Tabatha Barber has devoted her life to giving women a voice and a choice when it comes to their health and well-being. As a young girl, she struggled with self-esteem and identity issues, dealt with peer pressure, and survived the ridicule and stigma of becoming a teenage mother.  As she shared in her first published book titled, From White Trash to White Coat: The Birth of Catherine’s Purpose, those events led Tabatha to find her purpose in life. With perseverance and grace, she was able to redirect her path in life and become a successful physician. Tabatha is board-certified in...

Chronic Disease & Illness Doesn’t Have to Be Hopeless Featuring Dr. Lonnie Herman show art Chronic Disease & Illness Doesn’t Have to Be Hopeless Featuring Dr. Lonnie Herman

Green Living with Tee

Dr. Lonnie Herman joins Tee to discuss the work he is doing to end the suffering and debilitating effects of common chronic diseases that are often caused by toxins in our environment, household, and even our healthcare procedures.  These diseases such as Lupus, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis are destroying the lives of millions every year. But thousands are experiencing a reversal of the debilitating effects of chronic pain, illness, inflammation, and autoimmune issues that were previously deemed irreversible or incurable, using traditional medicine. Dr. Herman explains how his...

Take Your Power Back from Autoimmunity with Julie Michelson show art Take Your Power Back from Autoimmunity with Julie Michelson

Green Living with Tee

Have you ever wondered… “what are the first steps to take in order to begin turning my health around and why are there so many things I’ve tried before and none have worked”? In today’s episode Tee’s guest Julie Michelson is here to give you some answers to those questions and so many more. Julie is a best-selling author, international speaker, national board-certified functional medicine health coach, and the host of the Inspired Living with Autoimmunity Podcast. Julie is passionate about helping high achievers who are struggling with inflammation take back control of their...

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Cheryl Meyer is passionate about spreading the word regarding the benefits of eliminating toxins from your diet and everyday lifestyle. After discovering she was suffering from an unnamed autoimmune disease, Cheryl took her health into her own hands. She eliminated toxins in her life, learning to “eat the rainbow” and eventually reversing her pain.  

Cheryl has a BA from UC Berkeley and is a health coach at IIN. In addition to coaching, she is an award-winning author and speaker. Cheryl works with clients suffering from chronic illness, giving them hope and helping them find solutions. Cheryl’s superpower is to help clients find their missing puzzle pieces for health. Every day Cheryl encourages people to listen to their bodies and to own their own health. Her mantra is "It’s never too late to adopt healthy habits."

In addition to her books and blog, Cheryl has two classes available: Food Quality Matters, and How to Save Money Buying Quality Food. She also has a very successful course on eating the rainbow for health and breaking the addiction to processed and fast foods that she runs quarterly. Both are run virtually with replays available and a private Facebook group for support.

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