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A Look Inside an Online Sober Community with Janet Gourand

To 50 and Beyond

Release Date: 11/01/2023

Getting Older and Staying Sober show art Getting Older and Staying Sober

To 50 and Beyond

Episode 281  Hey there!  Today, I'm sharing a reintroduction to the podcast as it turned 6 this week!  I also give you an update on life as a 56 year old sober woman. I share my thoughts, discoveries as I've gotten older, and why and how I maintain long-term sobriety.  I talk about what I consider midlife, and how I manage past regrets, and what I'm doing today to keep my sobriety going.  I also share an update about the future of To 50 and Beyond.  I appreciate you for listening to and supporting the podcast. Always!  Thank you!  To read this episodes...

Finding Freedom From Disordered Eating with Helen Bennett show art Finding Freedom From Disordered Eating with Helen Bennett

To 50 and Beyond

Episode 280  Coach Helen Bennett is here with us to share her story of disordered eating, including binging and purging, and how she started to find freedom and heal her relationship with food.  I invited Helen to the podcast because I appreciate her compassionate approach to using practical tools to get started in recovery and empowerment toward food freedom.  Helen Bennett is a certified Health Coach and Addiction Recovery Coach and the founder of Disclaimer: This episode offers insights into binge eating and bulimia, along with practical tips to initiate the journey towards...

The Signs of Gray Area Drinking with Kari Schwear show art The Signs of Gray Area Drinking with Kari Schwear

To 50 and Beyond

Episode 279  Have you ever found yourself questioning your relationship with alcohol? It's not like your drinking is “that bad,” but it's far from being something you can manage and still feel your best as you get older. You've noticed some downsides to your drinking, but quitting altogether feels like a big leap. The fear of judgment around being a non-drinker adds another layer to the mix. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. You might be a Gray Area drinker, joining a rising community of individuals navigating this middle ground. Let's explore together. In today's episode, I...

Quitting or Continuing to Drink for Other People show art Quitting or Continuing to Drink for Other People

To 50 and Beyond

Episode #278  This episode is for the gal who feels the inner struggle to quit or continue drinking because of other people. The inner struggle comes from hearing either you should stop drinking or you don’t have to quit drinking, but knowing that is not what YOU want. In my 5+ years of coaching midlife women, I have heard my clients say, “I know I should stop drinking. My kids are worried about me,” or “I want to stop drinking, but my husband doesn’t think I should.” It’s such a conundrum when you are faced with people who know you and love you but aren’t honoring what...

When You're Worried About Your Drinking with Gigi Langer, PhD show art When You're Worried About Your Drinking with Gigi Langer, PhD

To 50 and Beyond

Episode 277  Hey there, friend!  You are not alone if you are worried about your drinking. I spent two years trying to make alcohol work because I was worried about my drinking, but most of all, I was worried about what life would be like without alcohol. I know that worry around drinking in midlife is a much-needed topic, and that is why I invited our to the podcast. Gigi used to be a prisoner of her worries and used alcohol, romance, and professional accomplishments to soothe her frayed nerves.  Gigi holds a Ph.D. in Psychological Studies in Education and an MA in Psychology,...

My Story: Why Committing to Sobriety Felt Impossible show art My Story: Why Committing to Sobriety Felt Impossible

To 50 and Beyond

Episode 276 I can’t think of any other area in my life where I felt the fear of committing to something more than I did when I quit drinking.  In the episode, I talk about:  How thinking in terms of “forever” held me back from quitting and how I switched it around  What my commitment to alcohol looked like  My top five reasons why committing to sobriety felt impossible  Click to read the full show notes with mentioned resources.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening.   Plan A 12-Week Private Coaching  Learn more and...

Managing Sobriety Through Nutrition and Supplements with Dr. Brooke Scheller show art Managing Sobriety Through Nutrition and Supplements with Dr. Brooke Scheller

To 50 and Beyond

Episode 275  Whether you are sober curious or already sober like myself, today’s guest, Dr. Brooke Scheller is going to help you feel better through her functional medicine approach.  I reached out to Dr. Brooke after seeing her talk about her new book, because I was fascinated by the topic.  Dr. Brooke Scheller is a doctor of clinical nutrition, the founder of Functional Sobriety and she is a fellow sober woman who, you will hear, knows, and loves the work that she does, which you will hear about. Some of the topics you will hear:  Dr. Brooke explains the three...

How to Write a How to Write a "Dear Alcohol" Letter as a New Year Ritual

To 50 and Beyond

Episode 274  Hello friend!  Happy New Year!  If you're thinking about giving up alcohol in 2024 and want to kickstart the year on a positive note, try writing a "Dear Alcohol" letter. It's a great way to understand your relationship with alcohol better and get pumped up for an alcohol-free lifestyle. In this episode, I will talk about the main benefit of writing a letter to alcohol, how to decide if this practice is for you, and some simple tips to help you get started if you choose, and then what to do with your letter when you’re done. I will also read my current “Dear...

A Message to Help You Stay Sober This Holiday show art A Message to Help You Stay Sober This Holiday

To 50 and Beyond

Episode 273  Hello, friend! Happy Holidays!  I have a message for you today that I would have loved to hear when I was celebrating my first few holidays alcohol-free.  If you are in a place where you are having a hard time staying sober due to the memory of drinking during the holiday, this episode is for you.  I talk about challenging the "just one glass" theory to ride out cravings and F'it moments and give you some of my best mantras and tips to help you stay focused on what you more than drinking.  I encourage you in this episode to focus on your "why-power," the...

Is There a Downside to Doing a Dry January? show art Is There a Downside to Doing a Dry January?

To 50 and Beyond

Episode 272  With a brand new year upon us, millions of people worldwide are either contemplating a Dry January or have already signed up to participate, but why?  Why take January off from drinking alcohol? Are there benefits? Or a downside?  In this episode, I talk about my experience with my first "Dry January" and why I chose to do one, which ultimately I learned wasn't for the benefits.  I also talk about ways to decide if taking January off is a good idea for you and the key questions to ask yourself before you start, and during your break.   Let's face it:...

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Episode 269 

Hello, friend! 

If you're sober curious or already committed to an alcohol-free lifestyle, but find yourself craving connections with others on the same path, this episode is for you.

I’ve invited, the incredible, Janet Gourand back to the podcast for the second time.

Janet is the Founder of Tribe Sober, an online sober community for men and women, and the host of the podcast by the same name, the Tribe Sober podcast.

In this episode, Janet and I talk about what an online community is, why joining one makes a difference in getting support in sobriety, and the "how-to's" and challenges of joining. 

Plus more! 

You can find this episodes full show notes and details here. 


I'll be back soon! 


I'm taking a short break! I will be back with new episodes on November 22nd. 

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