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Business Advice Compilation 2021

ScaleUp Radio

Release Date: 12/27/2021

Business Rhythms show art Business Rhythms

ScaleUp Radio

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio we have a great presentation and discussion, all centred around Business Rhythms.   First of all, you’ll hear from Granger Forson explaining a little more about Business Rhythms; what they are, how we should approach them and the benefit that implementing them can bring to your business.   Arguably, the Business Rhythm, alongside the 90 Day Planning that you will have heard us talk about before, is the most important part of running your business. Essentially, a Business Rhythm is a structure of daily, weekly and monthly meetings carefully...

You Shouldn’t Try And Be All Things To All People - It Will Possibly Spell The End Of Your Business show art You Shouldn’t Try And Be All Things To All People - It Will Possibly Spell The End Of Your Business

ScaleUp Radio

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, I’m speaking to Ahmad Qayyum from Bluewater Accounting.   Bluewater Accounting specialise in the property sector, working with all aspects of the industry - landlords, property investors, construction and trade businesses. Ahmad started the business in 2017 after working in the corporate sector, and now has a team of 9 serving 140 clients.   As you listen to Ahmad’s scale up journey so far you’ll hear that he’s no stranger to risk, but it’s a risk that has definitely paid off.    We covered an awful lot in our...

I Knew Only A Little About Business - But A Lot About Sales show art I Knew Only A Little About Business - But A Lot About Sales

ScaleUp Radio

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, I’ve gone back into the archives to look again at one of the great guests that we had.    The respected author, speaker and expert on the subject of scaling up Jan Cavelle appeared on ScaleUp Radio.   She is someone who definitely speaks from a place of experience, having run and scaled up a furniture business which started as purely a sales business - but ended up with 2 factories and 40 employees.   The conversation is, without doubt, the most value-filled one that we’ve ever done on ScaleUp Radio. If you’re someone who is looking...

The Happiness & Wellbeing of My Staff Come First - Even Before My Clients! show art The Happiness & Wellbeing of My Staff Come First - Even Before My Clients!

ScaleUp Radio

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, I speak to Helen Bower from Adder Bookkeeping.   If you listen to some of the panel discussions that we’ve had in the past you might already be familiar with Helen’s voice - but we’ve never heard about her particular journey before.   Helen started Adder Bookkeeping after doing a degree in Languages and found herself working in Exports. In 2000, life took a hand and she discovered a love of bookkeeping - and Adder Bookkeeping was born.   It’s clear from our conversation that Helen is such a fun, lively character - but that...

Cash Panel Discussion show art Cash Panel Discussion

ScaleUp Radio

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio. I’m Granger Forson and I’ve been listening back to the 150 or so episodes of ScaleUp Radio - and I wanted to bring you one that really caught my attention.   I’m taking you back to February of 2020 to hear again from a couple of business owners discussing something that is pretty much the lifeblood of all businesses - cash.   You’ll hear from two business owners who will bring their own unique take, along with their experiences and lessons learned, to talk about cash and it’s relationships with their business....

The 7 Financial Levers show art The 7 Financial Levers

ScaleUp Radio

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we have a great presentation and panel discussion, all centred around The 7 Financial Levers.   You will have heard us talking about the Power Of Small Change in previous episodes. In fact, there’s a link to the episode all about the Power Of Small Change in the show notes.   Briefly, the Power of Small Change is focusing on marginal improvement within your business; small and simple actions over a period of time, having a cumulative effect.   The 7 Financial Levers are one of the tools that we use to identify a small change that we can enact,...

It's All Bout Keeping Your Own Identity Within A Franchise show art It's All Bout Keeping Your Own Identity Within A Franchise

ScaleUp Radio

On this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio we want to give you a chance to listen to some of the great content from the back catalogue of the podcast.   Back in August of 2019, I spoke to Ian Priest from the Independent Banking Consultancy.   It was a fascinating conversation, so we thought that we would give you a chance to hear it again.    Ian has got incredible banking experience through his many years in the industry, and it was fascinating to hear about that transition from working for a big company, to working for a franchise.   In this episode, we’ll cover:...

How Scalable is Your Business? show art How Scalable is Your Business?

ScaleUp Radio

On this weeks episode we join the latest ScaleUp club with the panel discussion and presentation around the theme of scalability and the TVR test. This is a great litmus test of business scalability! By learning what you should be prioritising in your business by applying the TVR test to your key products and services you can start to scale and accelerate your growth. Most of us get caught in what has been described as the owner's trap, essentially where we create a business that is over reliant on us.  In this episode, Louise explains how to use the TVR framework to help break the cycle...

It’s The Set Of Your Sails Rather Than The Direction Of The Wind That Determines Where You End Up show art It’s The Set Of Your Sails Rather Than The Direction Of The Wind That Determines Where You End Up

ScaleUp Radio

Welcome to this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio, where I’ll be talking to Angela Podmore the founder and CEO of Kinetic PR.   They are a PR consultancy that specialise in helping organisations to scale and have grown from local to international since they started in 2004.   Angela is a real powerhouse of a business owner, and that comes across in this conversation as we cover so many subjects in just the first few minutes!   Within this episode, though, is some genuine advice that you can put into practise on your business straight away.   Just some of the highlights...

A Chance Conversation Led Me To Buy The Business. Let Me Tell You What I Did Wrong show art A Chance Conversation Led Me To Buy The Business. Let Me Tell You What I Did Wrong

ScaleUp Radio

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, we hear from Simon O Gorman, the owner of Adapt IT.   Adapt IT have been running since 2001, but Simon only took over the business in 2021, after family circumstances put him in touch with the owner, Martin, which led to a conversation about the business being for sale.   In fact, one of the aspects of the conversation is talking to Simon about the process of acquiring Adept IT, which only happened during 2021. It’s a fascinating look at what goes into an acquisition, and some of the challenges that Simon faced.   There’s also quite a bit...

More Episodes

On this episode of ScaleUp Radio we, once again, bring you a compilation of some great business advice that we’ve heard throughout 2021.


There’s no getting away from the fact that it’s been another challenging year for so many, and we’ve heard some great insights and advice along the way that have helped many of us, and will continue to help us as we face the new year.


We’ve been lucky enough to have a real range of conversations in the past year - from accountants, lawyers, marketers and IT support right through to restaurant owners, franchisees, funeral directors and gin makers.


With all of this diversity it’s been really interesting to see how much common ground there is. At the end of the day the key challenges to building and scaling up a business are not unique to any particular industry or sector. Sure, there are differences, but the key things remain the same. All of our guests have provided some great lessons that they have learned along the way, that can be of real benefit to all of us. 


No matter the size of your business - large or small - make sure that you celebrate the wins that you have achieved this year. Small and medium businesses are the backbone of any successful economy and you don’t need me to tell you that it can be hard at times.


But hold onto the reasons that you started out in the first place. You set out to achieve something, and we have all achieved something special; something to be proud of.


Hold onto that star that guides you and drives and work out how you are going to get that little bit closer to it next year. 


The links to all of the episodes that these pieces of advice are from are below, so you can spend time getting to know each business owner better.


This is the last episode of ScaleUp Radio for this year. I want to thank you for your continued support for ScaleUp Radio. We are now being listened to in 59 countries across the globe, with more of you listening and downloading now than ever before.


We’ll be back with a new episode on Monday, 10th January. In the meantime, enjoy this excerpts of advice from our episodes in 2021.



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