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Surrender and Trust Life to Unfold its Magic plan for You

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Release Date: 10/26/2020


SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Behind any goal is the foundation of desiring more joy, freedom and gratitude.

Manifesting 101 show art Manifesting 101

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

In this episode, I share with you a personal story of how we manifested our dream home and how you can call in what you desire just by getting clear on your intention and elevating your emotional state to match what you desire.

Know-It-All Nancy ruined my night show art Know-It-All Nancy ruined my night

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

In this episode I share an embarrassing and raw story that just happened last night about my overbearing shadows and what I'm learning from them.

Gratitude over Goals - HELLO 2021! show art Gratitude over Goals - HELLO 2021!

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

As you prepare your goals for the new year, first take a moment to REFLECT:

How to Let Go of Expectations  show art How to Let Go of Expectations

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

In today's episode I share my personal struggle with my husband about expectations, disappointments and how to stay open to learn the lesson so we can heal and communicate through a place of healthy self respect, boundaries and love.

What You Focus on Expands show art What You Focus on Expands

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

For many of us, 2020 has been one big fat disappointment, filled with loss, cancelations, and grief. what you place your attention on expands.

How to Manifest Your Desired Outcome show art How to Manifest Your Desired Outcome

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

#2020 has been a wild ride, filled with a lot of disappointment, loss, and pivoting. It’s probably unearthed a lot of emotions that you’ve had to work with too.

How to Pull Yourself out of Procrastination and Overwhelm to Inspiration show art How to Pull Yourself out of Procrastination and Overwhelm to Inspiration

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Instead of doing what you normally do to avoided discomfort, and letting the task pile up or waiting for motivation, harness inspiration by taking intentional action now, and do it consistently.

A Quick question to shift your perspective and lift your spirits show art A Quick question to shift your perspective and lift your spirits

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

This one question on my yoga retreat from a guest helped me shift my perspective. Hope this helps shift yours too!

This season of darkness is a potent time for transformation and finding your light show art This season of darkness is a potent time for transformation and finding your light

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

In the darkness is where things grow.

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My died just 2 years ago, only two weeks before my daughter, Hunter was born.


He always reminded me of my own power and said, “you get to write your story.”


Having him pass away so young was not part of my story that I would’ve written.


Experiencing a miscarriage, cancer scare, 42 weeks of 28 blood draws and the passing of my favorite person all in 2 years, I’ve realized we don’t have control of all of the details or the outcome.


It was bittersweet to experience Life and Death simultaneously. Holding gratitude and sorrow, delight and anger, fullness and hopelessness in both hands and heart.


Through these years, I’ve learned we don’t actually get to write all of our story, but it helps when we trust Life’s plans, surrender to its timing and baring of its gifts. 


Never easy, but always worth it.


My dad’s favorite name was Hunter. He divinely died on the Hunter moon.


There were so many simple and spiritual moments around his death and Hunter’s birth:


On the morning I found out he died, google maps rerouted us 4 times off I-5, out of rush hour traffic onto a 2-lane country road overlooking vineyards and a beautiful sunrise. On my worst day, I felt a moment of peace. Never being on that road before, I asked where we were, and my mom said this was your dad’s favorite way to drive to your home. Magic.


I remember after 2-weeks of non-stop crying, chest aching, eyes crimson and swollen, we said our final goodbye on a Friday afternoon, and I held his cold hand and cried all over him. The next day my water broke (2 weeks early), as if my dad was holding me, urging me to stop suffering, giving us a gift of new life. Magic.

The Eagle who swooped in front of my window while I was writing about him and dropped a feather to the ground. This happened twice! The dragonflies who always show up when I think about him. More Magic.


Maybe they’re just coincidences. I’d rather believe they are divine signs, little moments of magic reminding us to stay awake to Life.



I believe there is magic, even in dark times. We just have to be present to it.


What are some signs that are showing up for you?


Before we had Hunter, I did fertility testing, because I’m considered geriatric pregnancy (wrong, just wrong!) and the doctor said I would be lucky to have just one child.


What a pleasant surprise to be pregnant again, this time with a baby boy! 


My heart breaks knowing my dad won’t be able to be with another grandchild. When sorrow begins to drag me down, I remember to stay open and look for the gifts in the situation. Trust my journey.


Our baby is due April 1st, 2021 . . . my parent’s anniversary


Life whispers to you and gives you gifts of support.


You just have to stay awake to hear it and be patient enough to let Life unfold it’s divine plan for you.


I guess my dad was right. You do get to write your story. Or at least how you show up in your story.


Love you dad.  Thank you for continuing to be my biggest teacher.


I’m seeing and receiving all of the little signs and the magic of Life. Are you?


Wishing you lots of little signs of Joy this week.


Stay open and let Life’s divine magic unfold for you in it’s own divine timing. Trust that everything you’re experiencing is exactly where you’re meant to be.


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