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Gratitude over Goals - HELLO 2021!

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Release Date: 01/07/2021

Visualization Meditation to Deal with Anxiety show art Visualization Meditation to Deal with Anxiety

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Do you ever feel an undercurrent of anxiety like the fear that the other shoe will drop?

Your Story Heals Others show art Your Story Heals Others

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

I want to learn more about you, what you need and how best to show up for you now.

Relaxation Meditation show art Relaxation Meditation

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Welcome to your 10 minute relaxation meditation. This is perfect for listening to just before bed or during the day to help you relax during a break.

Put on your silly hat + let go of the pressure to be perfect show art Put on your silly hat + let go of the pressure to be perfect

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

I hope today's intention helps bring a more care free side to your perspective to allow you to enjoy life and release the burden of being perfect.


SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

Behind any goal is the foundation of desiring more joy, freedom and gratitude.

Manifesting 101 show art Manifesting 101

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In this episode, I share with you a personal story of how we manifested our dream home and how you can call in what you desire just by getting clear on your intention and elevating your emotional state to match what you desire.

Know-It-All Nancy ruined my night show art Know-It-All Nancy ruined my night

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In this episode I share an embarrassing and raw story that just happened last night about my overbearing shadows and what I'm learning from them.

Gratitude over Goals - HELLO 2021! show art Gratitude over Goals - HELLO 2021!

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

As you prepare your goals for the new year, first take a moment to REFLECT:

How to Let Go of Expectations  show art How to Let Go of Expectations

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

In today's episode I share my personal struggle with my husband about expectations, disappointments and how to stay open to learn the lesson so we can heal and communicate through a place of healthy self respect, boundaries and love.

What You Focus on Expands show art What You Focus on Expands

SOUL SCHOOL with Audrey

For many of us, 2020 has been one big fat disappointment, filled with loss, cancelations, and grief. what you place your attention on expands.

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My birthday was on Dec 31st and Jake and I cuddled on the couch, in my Costco fuzzy polka-dot PJ pants sipping on alcohol-free champagne. Like most of 2020, it wasn’t the New Years Eve or birthday celebration I would’ve have planned for myself, but it was still a great day.

We ended the night by sharing 10 things that we're grateful for from 2020.

HMPH! what’s there to be grateful for? 2020 was a rough year and took so much away from us!

For the first time in my history, on a global  scale, every single person was forced to excavate their dark fears and face their triggers and challenges. As a society in general, we don’t deal well with uncertainty.

One of the best things that 2020 has given us, though, is an opportunity to get clear on what's most important to you.

Although my entire yoga business went down the toilet (buh-bye traveling for yoga retreats or seeing people in person in my yoga classes), I’m proud of myself for pivoting, evolving, learning new skills and creating a new type of business where I can share my gifts at a much deeper level of service. I  created six courses this year, helped over a hundred people move through fears to their biggest break throughs.

I was about to move on to my next gratitude,when Jake put a hand on my heart, looked me in the eyes and said, “Take a moment, pause, and really listen to yourself. Receive it!”

What an important lesson!

So often, we reach a goal, give ourselves a quick pat on the back and move on to the next goal. Especially on January 1st, we are eager to GO-GO-GO and list off 25 New Year’s Resolutions and then we feel overwhelmed and feel like a failure.

I get it! We’ve been SO ready for a new year…since last June.

What if…

you slowed down to take a moment to just recognize and appreciate:

  • how far you've come this year?
  • What you've overcome?
  • what you're appreciating about yourself

I know, it’s strange – telling yourself that you’re proud of yourself. You’re an adult, not a toddler learning to feed themselves.

It’s important to be proud of yourself. and Honestly, you probably don’t say it enough. I don’t.

Gratitude goes a long way. It cultivates more joy. It brings you back to the present moment.

Gratitude propels you into the future of what you want to attract and call into your life.

Gratitude is the portal for creating the life you desire and deserve.

…and isn’t this what we really want when we’re setting a goal? To feel more joy in our life!

You can start manifesting more joy, right now, through gratitude.

What is bringing you joy today?

How can you embody that as much as possible throughout the year?



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