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A Democratic Frontrunner in the Kentucky Governor's Race

Star Spangled Gamblers

Release Date: 10/30/2023

The Women Who Might Be Trump's VP show art The Women Who Might Be Trump's VP

Star Spangled Gamblers

Part 1: Washington-based lobbyist and former Rand Paul counsel Brian Darling returns to the show to discuss Trump's VP selection. Part 2: Mick Bransfield, an expert on prediction market regulation, returns to discuss reports that PredictIt is pursuing a settlement with the CFTC. 0:57: Current market odds on Republican VP nominee 3:44: Pratik introduces Bransfield segment 4:37: Trump interview on his VP choice with Maria Bartiromo 8:28: Darling interview begins 10:00: Why Noem is the front-runner to be Trump's VP 11:49: Noem's history with Trump 15:15: Noem's alleged affair with Corey...

How Bad Is Trump's Health? show art How Bad Is Trump's Health?

Star Spangled Gamblers

Dr. Lucas (@Talophex) returns for a deep dive into Donald Trump's health and how it should inform a bet on whether he'll be elected president. Follow Star Spangled Gamblers on Twitter @ssgamblers 0:00: Pratik introduces the episode 1:17: Discoloration of Trump's hand and Trump's alleged body odor 4:17: Interview begins 5:46: Trump's coronary artery disease 6:32: Trump's physique 10:12: Trump's psychology 11:05: Note from Trump's doctor 13:38: Why hasn't Trump had a serious heart condition? 15:06: Trump's genetics 17:46: Is weight protective in old age? 21:00: Trump's cognitive decline 25:29:...

Haley and DeSantis Battle for Second in Iowa show art Haley and DeSantis Battle for Second in Iowa

Star Spangled Gamblers

While Trump appears to hold a commanding lead heading in the Iowa caucuses, second place remains uncertain. Ben Freeman challenges The Winner for the SSG title belt on the question of who will perform better in the Iowa caucuses: Ron DeSantis or Nikki Haley. Plus, Pratik Chougule explains the nomination process for the 2024 Golden Modelos. 0:00: Pratik introduces the Iowa caucuses segment 1:38: Pratik explains the nomination process for the 2024 Golden Modelos for Excellence in Political Gambling 4:15: SSG members' only private briefing on Taiwan elections 7:36: Segment on Iowa caucuses begins...

AI Can't Beat the Math Nerds (Yet) show art AI Can't Beat the Math Nerds (Yet)

Star Spangled Gamblers

Prediction market enthusiast and effective altruist Nathan Young (@nathanpmyoung) joins the show to discuss the relation of prediction markets and AI. He also discusses Polymarket's market on whether an AI win the $5 million AI Math Olympiad Prize before August and explains why it's unlikely to happen. Timestamps 0:00: Intro begins 4:00: Interview with Nathan begins. Nathan explains his full-time work in the forecasting industry 6:18: AI and effective altruism  13:25: What exactly is AI and what are its capabilities? 30:49: Polymarket's AI Math Olympiad Prize market Follow us on Twitter...

Why Joe Biden's Health Concerns Are Overstated show art Why Joe Biden's Health Concerns Are Overstated

Star Spangled Gamblers

Four Part Episode Part 1: Dr. Lucas (@talophex) on Biden's health Part 2: The Winner (@thewinner2875) and Ben Freeman (@benwfreeman1) on whether Vivek Ramaswamy is worth buying as a hedge Part 3: Mick Bransfield (@mickbransfield) on the CFTC's decision to reject Kalshi's election contracts Part 4: Nathan Young (@nathanpyoung) on religion and prediction markets  Timestamps 5:08: Interview with Lucas begins 6:39: Biden's cognitive decline 8:49: Biden's physical health 10:20: Biden's aneurysms 13:18: Biden's capacity to run a presidential campaign 15:19: Biden's risk of vaccine injury 18:45:...

Can DeSantis Make a Comeback? show art Can DeSantis Make a Comeback?

Star Spangled Gamblers

Three-Part Episode In Part I, Ben Freeman and SSG Title Belt Champion The Winner review the DeSantis-Newsom debate and discuss whether DeSantis can make a comeback. In Part II, PlayUSA columnist Steve Friess offers lessons on what the political betting community can learn from how sports betting became mainstream. In Part III, Mick Bransfield provides theories on why Kalshi pressed ahead with election contracts at the CFTC knowing it didn't have the votes. Timestamps 4:30: Interview with Ben Freeman and The Winner begins 7:49: DeSantis's mannerisms 12:36: Is DeSantis deferring too much to...

A Mitch McConnell Health Cover-up? show art A Mitch McConnell Health Cover-up?

Star Spangled Gamblers

Three-part episode: (1) Dr. Lucas—the "surgeon general of prediction market Twitter"—joins to discuss Mitch McConnell's health. Why did he "freeze" in public multiple times? Did the Congressional physician cover up his actual condition? (2) Rule3O3 discusses how large donors approach their political contributions (3) Jonathan Zubkoff (@zubbybadger) sounds the alarm on the opposition of U.S. Senators to political betting Timestamps 0:00: Introduction 5:01: Interview with Lucas begins 5:21: How political betting led to Lucas being swatted 8:07: How Lucas got into political betting 9:36:...

Final Predictions on Argentina's Presidential Elections show art Final Predictions on Argentina's Presidential Elections

Star Spangled Gamblers

Colombia-based trader Ian Bezek (@irbezek) returns to the show to offer some final thoughts on the close and uncertain presidential race in Argentina. 1:32: Ian's thoughts on the final debate between Javier Milei and Sergio Massa 2:10: Ian's advice on Polymarket's margin market 5:20: Interview begins 6:06: Massa's backround 7:43: Massa's political baggage 8:45: Questions about Massa's alleged drug addiction 9:56: Market volatility since the eve of the first round of elections 11:39: Why did polls miss on the first round? 12:49: Milei's shortcomings 14:34: Summary of first round results 15:38:...

Why Azerbaijan Might Actually Invade Armenia show art Why Azerbaijan Might Actually Invade Armenia

Star Spangled Gamblers

Eurasia expert Kristofer Harrison makes the case for why the odds of an invasion of Armenia by Azerbaijan are much higher than the market price on Polymarket. 3:54: Interview with Harrison begins 5:06: Do hedge funds use political betting insights? 7:10: Background on Armenia and Azerbaijan 7:56: Why there are tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan 12:15: Russia's role in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict 14:29: Domestic politics in Armenia 15:18: Evidence that Azerbaijan is serious about invading 17:44: Why hasn't Azerbaijan already invaded Armenia? 18:43: Balance of power between Azerbaijan...

Final Predictions on the Kentucky Governor's Race show art Final Predictions on the Kentucky Governor's Race

Star Spangled Gamblers

On the eve of the Kentucky governor's election, a new poll by Emerson suggests that the race could be much closer than initially expected. SSG Title Belt Champion TheWinner (@thewinner2875) and Dr. Cruse (@predoctit) join the show to make their final predictions. Although they generally agree in their analyses, they settle on a side bet and a challenge for the SSG Title Belt. 3:20: Main segment begins 4:10: Introduction to Dr. Cruse 6:51: Emerson polling 8:20: Current market prices 12:31: The role of national politics 14:16: Racial politics 17:21: SSG TItle Belt Challenge 23:36: Polling in...

More Episodes

3-Part Episode
— Keendawg returns to discuss why Andy Beshear, Kentucky's Democratic Governor, is favored for re-election, but why lottos on his Republican challenger might be a good bet

— Pratik reports on new evidence that Kalshi was behind the CFTC's enforcement action against Polymarket

— MagaVacuum explains how to gain a betting edge while traveling to campaign events


4:24: Interview with Keendawg begins

4:40: Keendawg's role in founding Star Spangled Gamblers 

7:14: Kentucky colonels

9:42: Who is Andy Beshear and why is he the favorite in the KY governor's race?

15:29: Who is Daniel Cameron?

18:20: Counties in Kentucky to watch

21:35: Why Andy Beshear won in 2019

22:14: Cameron's appeal

23:26: Background on KY politics

25:27: Partisan politics in KY

26:54: Lexington-Louisville rivalry

27:42: Davies County

28:47: Segment begins on Kalshi's role in Polymarket

30:18: Former CFTC official Maggie Sklar's comment to the CFTC against Kalshi

34:23: MAGAVacuum's research on communications and political prediction markets

36:00: How to gain an edge by traveling to campaign events

Show Notes
— Sklar's letter to CFTC https://comments.cftc.gov/PublicComments/ViewComment.aspx?id=72703&SearchText=sklar

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