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Star Spangled Gamblers

The news, as told by the world's most profitable political gamblers. This podcast searches for the truth -- because that's what pays.

info_outline Odds of Russia Nuking Ukraine 05/26/2023
info_outline The Right's Problems with Educated Voters 05/24/2023
info_outline Fox News After Tucker Carlson 05/05/2023
info_outline Biden’s Cognitive Decline: What Computer Vision Is Telling Us 05/02/2023
info_outline The Case Against Asa Hutchinson Lottos + Jeremy Corbyn's Potential Comeback 04/24/2023
info_outline Argentina's Upcoming Presidential Elections 04/20/2023
info_outline 2024 Republican Longshots for President + Debt Ceiling Negotiations 04/11/2023
info_outline How to Bet on the Trump Indictment Fallout + Julie Su's confirmation problems 04/07/2023
info_outline The Bull Case for Vivek Ramaswamy 04/03/2023
info_outline How to Crack Foreign Elections: Traders weigh in on elections in Nigeria, Turkey, and Greece 03/25/2023
info_outline CFTC Makes Its Case Against PredictIt 03/24/2023
info_outline John Fetterman's Health Cover-Up 03/17/2023
info_outline Is DeSantis Really Running for President?: Degens Debate 03/12/2023
info_outline Don't Bet Against Erdogan + Which State Will Be the First Democratic Primary in 2024? 03/06/2023
info_outline When Will Biden Announce His Re-Election Bid? 02/28/2023
info_outline Did Kalshi Kill PredictIt and Polymarket? + Harvard affirmative action case 02/23/2023
info_outline Why Biden is Underpriced + Golden Modelos for Best and Worst Trades of 2022 02/14/2023
info_outline CFTC Meltdown at the Fifth Circuit and Chicago Mayoral Election 02/10/2023
info_outline Debt Ceiling and George Santos 02/01/2023
info_outline PredictIt Survives for Now and Brian Golden’s Perfect Midterm Picks 01/30/2023
info_outline A New Way to Bet on Politics Legally 01/29/2023
info_outline Golden Modelos + Why Keendawg is Leaving 12/12/2022
info_outline Team USA Triumphs & Herschel Walker Stumbles - World Cup Special 11/30/2022
info_outline The 4 Horsemen of the GOP Apocalypse Ride to Where? 11/18/2022
info_outline Election Season Finale + Everything That Comes After 11/12/2022
info_outline It's Ride or Die Time: Final Predictions from the Pros 11/08/2022
info_outline 5 Signals to Watch for Before Election Day 11/05/2022
info_outline A Glimmer of Hope for Democrats & Political Bettors 11/02/2022
info_outline The Red Wave Hits Democratic Governors + Behind the Scenes at the CFTC 10/28/2022
info_outline 5 Election Indicators to Watch + Why Georgia May Be Headed to Run-Off 10/25/2022