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...Anyway, Here's Wonderwall

The Local Glow

Release Date: 03/25/2019

The open mic night is a celebration of talent as it showcases personality. It’s a testing ground, providing validation for the bedroom artist, and it’s a lab for the experimenting veteran. It’s a place to support and be supported, a place to laugh and to be moved, by whoever happens to come through the door that night…’cause you never can know what to expect.

Special thanks to Santos Ramos and Mike Vivirito from Two Brothers and Eric Quigley from Uncommon Ground for their contributions to the episode.

Featured single “Not Another Love Song” by Nikki Morgan, www.nikkimorganmusic.com.

Learn more about The Local Glow at www.thelocalglow.com.

Production music by Snayl (snayl1.bandcamp.com).

Check out Megan Sontag’s photography at @shutterblade and www.sontagphotography.com.

Produced by Brian Doherty and Tariq Shihadah