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The Local Glow

Release Date: 04/29/2019

Art is intimate, and don’t mistake it, art is a choice. And it’s a hard choice to make, because intimacy is hard. It’s elusive, unknown, it bites. In today’s episode, we foray into this tenuous and fearsome space, featuring six poets from around the Midwest and beyond, exploring intimacy in its various forms and stages. We’ll hear poems about intimacy, new and old, close in proximity and close in heart, about the color it paints on an ordinary life, and the void it leaves when it vanishes. Poems that are vulnerable and honest, some that wonder and some that ache.

Featured Poets:

Learn more about The Local Glow at www.thelocalglow.com.

Production music by Snayl (snayl1.bandcamp.com), NAAL (naalmusic.com), and sailbear (sailbear.bandcamp.com).

Outro song “Queen Anne’s Lace” by Bailey Minzenberger, available on Spotify.

Produced by Tariq Shihadah and Victoria Thomas