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Episode 28: Life of Awesome with Saul Blinkoff


Release Date: 08/09/2022

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For this episode, I interviewed Saul Blinkoff, an inspirational speaker, Hollywood filmmaker (Disney, Dreamworks, Netflix), and father of four. Saul shared how he reached his dream of working for Disney as an animator in this interview. 

He also had great pieces of advice for anyone who feels stuck in their career or struggles to reach their goals. 

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What You'll Learn From This Episode: 

[01:34] The very first time Saul realized what he wanted to do in life – his dream or goal to be a director!
[03:46] How Saul knew how to achieve his goal to be a Disney animator before the time of the internet and who helped him.
[04:40] Saul's experience in the Disney Casting Building where he was given "the most valuable piece of paper" (other than her wedding contract) he has ever held in his hand.
[05:50] What was the equation that Saul to become a Disney animator after he was handed the paper? 
[06:50] What propelled Saul to not give up on his vision?
[09:45] The community that Saul grew up in and his upbringing
[13:00] Saul's experiences in school strengthen his love for art
[14:41] What did Saul's art teacher teach him when he could finally draw hands which was his weakness?
[16:22] The very first drawing Saul makes for his first Disney movie
[19:07] What does it mean to "date your career?"
[25:32] Saul's inner peace and where it comes
[27:06] Saul's first time in Israel and what he learned about Judaism.
[39:13] A life not of happiness but a life of "What can we do with our passion and abilities to serve humanity?" 
[39:45] "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill 
[44:06] Our tools every day and seeing our potential everyday
[47:10] Our legacy and what we want the world to remember about us
[49:56] When do we appreciate walking? When we see one who can't. 
[51:20] Listen to 'Til You Can't by Cody Johnson – why Saul strongly asks us to listen to country music! 
[55:08] What did the 9-11 event teach Saul about life?
[56:45] The game-changing tool that can change your life if you allow it to!

EPIC Words of Saul Blinkoff:
"If you are lucky enough to have clarity on something you want to achieve…now the question is, 'how are you going to achieve it?'" 

"Whatever it is that you watch that inspires you – the thing that you will find a common place to anybody that achieved something that you think is great – that the secret is they will go through an incredible amount of struggle." 

"It's not just how well you do craft, but how well you do your craft so you can deliver your message."

"We have to approach our weakness with the goal of turning it into our strength."

 "What we need to do is we have to think of gifts as not what it is that I do well, it's what it is that interest me. That's a gift in itself!" 

"What makes you happy may not be good for you."

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Chazak ve'Ematz!