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15. Manifestation

Two Girls Talking Shit

Release Date: 08/11/2020

37. Co-Host Love Fest show art 37. Co-Host Love Fest

Two Girls Talking Shit

How do you fully express your gratitude for a friendship?  A friendship that starts on the internet and grows into a real, vulnerable, and safe life. That is our friendship, a very special and beautiful gift from the Universe. Our Co-host Love Fest for this season is steaming hot (and a little emotional), not only with tea but also with burning love and appreciation for our friendship. Hear our love and adoration message for each other and our plans for the future season! Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we serve you a heartwarming season three finale! In this episode, you’ll hear: New...

36. Greatest Lessons We've Learned show art 36. Greatest Lessons We've Learned

Two Girls Talking Shit

Everyone can give you advice, but not all advice fits you. That's the reality of life. It's like your go-to dress. You always want to use them because they make you feel confident.  And before we end this season, we want to give you the BEST! In this penultimate episode, we will recap and talk about the most important lessons we learn and give you the best advice we use in navigating our life, career, and business. Apply what fits you to create the best version of yourself. In this episode, you'll hear: The work conversation with family  Best natal chart reading we've ever had, and...

35. Boundaries show art 35. Boundaries

Two Girls Talking Shit

Do you have a hard time saying “NO” to other people? Maybe you are someone who always keeps your promise to your family and friends but to yourself. Guilty? So are we, and in this episode, we discuss exactly those BOUNDARIES. Today, we will talk about us setting and breaking our boundaries, the emotional connection of creating space for yourself, and how it affects your relationships. We’ll share how to reframe and retrain your brain to develop and honor healthy boundaries in a place of love and joy for yourself and others. In this episode, you’ll hear: Celebrating Iranian New Year in...

34. Astrology 101 (w/ Shadi Eskandani) show art 34. Astrology 101 (w/ Shadi Eskandani)

Two Girls Talking Shit

Are you constantly checking your Zodiac Sign horoscope? Maybe you are seeking guidance from the stars and the planets. But what do these things in the above sky mean for your life? This episode is for you if you want to know how astrology connects and fits your life. We have our very first guest on TGTS to speak about this! In this episode, we're joined by Shadi Eskandani, an astrologer and writer, and we're talking about all things astrology. She shares the purpose of planets, signs, and energies for us to understand how it impacts fully and influences our relationships and life in general...

33. The Times Were Living In show art 33. The Times Were Living In

Two Girls Talking Shit

Are we living in a troubled time? How can we navigate these crazy moments? With the rise of the modern “Digital age,” things have gotten crazier, and people have become more anxious than ever. While we wish for all things to be good and peaceful, there will still be crappy stuff happening to the world. Today, we will talk about the times we live in to address the crazy, scary, and sometimes unknown things happening in our life, society, and economy. The world is constantly changing, that is for sure, and it is important to acknowledge our fear and take collective action to deal with it. We...

32. The Body Liberation Project show art 32. The Body Liberation Project

Two Girls Talking Shit

Do you struggle to fit in a miserable body?  Are you always looking in front of the mirror and nitpicking your body image?  Trying different kinds of exercise and diet and taking unprescribed drugs to follow the standard of beauty that stems from white supremacy. Doing all these will not heal your relationship with your body because we need to LIBERATE them.  In this episode, we will talk about The Body Liberation Project! We are giving you an insider's tea about the journey of writing this fantastic book and how it opens a new understanding of our body image and differences in...

31. Behind the Scenes of Pursuing Your Dreams show art 31. Behind the Scenes of Pursuing Your Dreams

Two Girls Talking Shit

Are you planning to build a small business or become a content creator? - Listen to this. We see a lot of highlight reels of successful people all over the internet, but we do not often see the path they took to get there: the constant worrying, painful decisions, and midnight tears in the process of achieving them. This episode will share the not-so-glamorous part of being an entrepreneur and your boss. We may seem like we are just easy breezy, beautiful cover girls, which we know we are, but we believe it is also essential to show you the trashy, messy, dumpster-fire ladies behind this...

30. Manifestation and Lucky Girl Syndrome show art 30. Manifestation and Lucky Girl Syndrome

Two Girls Talking Shit

Do you believe in manifestation? We know you probably heard a lot of discussion about manifestation, especially on TikTok's latest buzz about the "Lucky Girl Syndrome." But sometimes, we're just dumb dumbs. We overlook the true value of trust and belief in our life. In this episode, we will talk about how you can access your lucky girl syndrome (Yes! You have it) to manifest and order your desires to the Universe with joy and ease. We'll serve you a powerful hot Tea in this one! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode! In this episode, you'll hear: The exciting trip to Morocco and haggling...

29. Working Hard or Hardly Working show art 29. Working Hard or Hardly Working

Two Girls Talking Shit

Does reaching our goals and desires in life have to be so hard? We don’t think so… and in this episode, we will spill why. Some say, “you have to work hard to succeed,” or things like that, but we think that is a boomer! Yes, it would help if you worked to make things into reality, but that does not mean working until you pass out. Right? Today, we will talk about all things work, rest and ease. So take your most comfortable seat, get your tea, and enjoy listening! In this episode, we spill: The kind of friendship that we all need, plus a lousy library card Decluttering and getting...

28. Can BIPOC be friends with white folks? show art 28. Can BIPOC be friends with white folks?

Two Girls Talking Shit

We are back to spill a juicy and a little controversial topic. We know how frustrating and disappointing it is when a person we call a “friend” and says she is “doing the work” causes us harm and rejects our invitation to address the issue to the point where we ask ourselves… Can people of color be friends with white folks who claim to be allies?  In this episode, we’ll share our experience with our so-called “ally friend” who harms us (women of color) and how we deal with her and the situation. We want to discuss these topics because we know that we can ALL learn from...

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We’re back with a burning question….

Is manifestation for POC? 

When we first heard about manifestation we were skeptical, now we manifest money, men and tickets to sold out events!! 

Curious? Scroll to the bottom of these notes click on the link to the Manifestation Intensive - Everyday Magic 

This episode we want to talk about accessing manifestation as two POC and how it’s helped Chrissy create financial abundance and Shirin overcome “ancestral baggage”. 

If you are a skeptic,this is the episode for you! 

This isn’t just thinking pretty thoughts and chanting; we break down the concepts, show you how it works and get you ready to start asking for the things you are too afraid to say out loud. 

In other news we’ve been on another safe social-distanced trip and danced down the aisle of Trader Joes. Going grocery shopping is the new spa experience.  Can you relate? 


To get more info for Shirin’s 2 day manifestation intensive head to 



This is a 2-day Masterclass held on Aug 15th & 16th 2020. 


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Thank and Grow Rich  


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Ask and It is Given. Learning to Manifest your Desires 


Dr Joe Dispenza 

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