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Fear Free Childbirth & Motherhood Podcast with Alexia Leachman

The Fear Free Childbirth & Motherhood podcast is for parents-to-be who want to prepare for pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Mindset is the key aspect that can help to you have a positive experience with all three, and it all starts with preparing for pregnancy and childbirth. The podcast is credited with helping thousands of women around the world in having a positive birth experience. A empowered birth experience is the best way to start the parenting journey because it infuses you with strength and resilience. The show is a mix of real-life positive birth stories, experts sharing their wisdom and Alexia sharing how to get into a positive mindset. Alexia is a mindset coach, speaker, trainer and author of the books “Fearless Birthing: Clear your fears for a positive birth” and “Clear Your Head Trash: How to create clarity, peace and confidence in your life and work”. The podcast, which began as a maternity leave side project, is now an essential resource for women with tens of thousands of expectant mamas now listening to Alexia’s podcast each month to lose The Fear and prepare for pregnancy, birth and motherhood. It all started when Alexia experienced her first miscarriage and felt relief; she knew something was amiss. She had tokophobia, the extreme fear of pregnancy and birth, which is pretty terrifying. Alexia used her superpowers to overcome her fears and anxieties and have two amazing births, and she now helps other women all around the world to do the same. Fear Free Childbirth is the online destination for women seeking to take the fear out of pregnancy and birth with fear-clearance meditations, online fear-clearance courses and specialist programs for overcoming tokophobia. Find out more at FearFreeChildbirth.com and Fearless-Birthing.com

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