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The Jerry Brazie Podcast

Jerry Brazie is an outspoken, straight-talking CEO, Entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor living in Portland, Oregon. Growing up with zero advantages, eight brothers and sisters, and no education and on his own at 17, he faced a lifetime of crappy jobs and poverty. Starting at 28, Jerry beat the odds by starting his own company and 20+ years later, and having bought and sold a dozen companies, Jerry has strong opinions on what it takes to succeed in business and life in today’s America. With a lifetime of experiences both at work and at home, Jerry is hoping to challenge and inspire anyone that is searching for success. Jerry pulls no punches and tells it exactly as he sees it. Jerry will certainly challenge you, probably offend you, and will definitely make you think. The show is co-hosted by William (Billy) Green from Vancouver, WA. Billy is a former software developer branching out into the creative space and a content creator for Jerry. As well as providing his technical expertise, Billy brings the perspective of a young millennial. He will provide the opinions and pushback of a young entrepreneur vs. an established CEO. Are you wondering if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Have you ever wondered what the life of a successful business owner looks like? If you are serious about learning from real-world experiences both in life and business from someone who has lived it, give us a try. This podcast series will cover stories from Jerry's life, including the lessons he has learned along the way both in business and in life. So if you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, are an existing business owner, are looking to be successful, or just have questions on the journey, give us a listen. We want the podcast to be both educational and entertaining while providing the best information we can to help anyone looking to start or run their own business. We love to argue and want people to tell us why they think we are wrong.

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