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Provident's Healthcare Dealcast

Provident Healthcare Partners discuss various topics in healthcare mergers and acquisitions, including trends we are seeing within the industry and exploring a process. For additional information, visit www.providenthp.com or email [email protected].

info_outline Sanford Behavioral Health in the Spotlight – The Path to In-Network Status and Building a Full Continuum in Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Eating Disorder (ED) organizations 08/22/2023
info_outline The Evolving Primary Care Landscape – The Transition to Risk and the Value of a Covered Life 07/13/2023
info_outline An Update on the Debt Capital Markets: Trends to Consider for Healthcare Companies 04/10/2023
info_outline Autism in the Spotlight: Key differentiators that will set you apart from the competition (Ep.19) 03/28/2023
info_outline Analyzing Key Developments in the Behavioral Health Space (Autism Services, Addiction Treatment, and Mental Health) 09/29/2022
info_outline Healthcare Services M&A Activity: 2021 Recap and Looking Ahead to 2022 (Ep. 17) 04/05/2022
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info_outline Healthcare M&A and Private Equity Review (Ep. 15) 06/10/2021
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info_outline Tax Implications of a Transaction (Ep. 13) 09/23/2020
info_outline How Covid-19 is Impacting M&A Activity Within Healthcare Services (Ep. 12) 06/09/2020
info_outline Overview of the Quality of Earnings Process (Ep. 11) 03/23/2020
info_outline Use of Third Party Debt in Private Equity Transactions (Ep. 10) 12/05/2019
info_outline Aligning Incentives –Creating Stability & Growth with a Private Equity Partner (Ep. 9) 06/18/2019
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info_outline What to Expect in a Due Diligence Process (Ep.7) 11/26/2018
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info_outline What Types of Transactions Could be Right for my Healthcare Services Business? (Ep. 3) 07/10/2018
info_outline What are the Benefits of Hiring an Investment Banking Firm? (Ep. 2) 07/10/2018
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