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Let's Talk Marketing with Nathan A Webster

Back in 2016, I created a podcast focused on raising awareness and build action for my nonprofit. After several years of running my marketing agency and being an adjunct professor for my local college, I realized my heart was no longer there. I’ve grown and evolved to another level. My passion is to help others, but help them to build, create, expand, scale, and sustain their hard work within their business. Typically, this results in consulting key leaders with my expertise in marketing and business development. Therefore, my podcast needed to evolve too. I love seeing how the right marketing plan can make all the difference. In my experience, I haven’t seen any two companies with the same marketing strategies to get the same results. For example, franchise restaurants within the same metropolitan have to deal with multiple and different demography issues within a 10-mile radius. Hence, why I switched it up to “Let’s Talk Marketing” focus. The world of marketing is no joke. In my humble opinion, marketing can be viewed as an untamed beast that never sleeps and is always hungry. So as marketing professionals, our job is never done and all-encompassing.

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