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She's An Asset

The ultimate compliment is to be considered an asset by those who know you. I believe that there is a less discussed approach to becoming a person of value/ who is successful, respected by others and fulfilled.. It’s somewhere between the hustle culture and the ease and flow of manifestation. This podcast is designed to be a resource for the ambitious, the relentless…. and the R ARE ppl who are breaking societal norms, going against the grain and are open to unconventional practices as we study what it takes to be a true asset in every area of life! My hope is that you’ll find this podcast unique and like it enough to share it with a friend and maybe even join us at one of our in person events one day! **Please be advised that this is an explicit podcast and swearing is frequent on this show. The show is set up like officers would interact with one another and may not be appropriate for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

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