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The Officer Autumn Show

Welcome to the Officer Autumn Show! Brace yourself for some of the realest conversations you will ever hear! This is a show that focuses on helping women in law enforcement. From pre-job to getting into the job to dealing with the job as an officer. Everything a women in law enforcement needs to know- you can find here. The host, Autumn Clifford is a police officer from Maine who was injured in the line of duty and taken out of full time patrol. Since then Autumn has been picked up by a small police department and now works part time in a community policing capacity to maintain her credentials. Autumn has been coaching and mentoring first responders for the last 7 years. Follow her on Instagram and Tik Tok @officerautumn Please be advised that this is an explicit podcast and swearing is frequent on this show. The show is set up like officers would interact with one another and may not be appropriate for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

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