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Way of Champions Podcast

The Way of Champions Podcast is owned and operated by Changing the Game Project. Each week we connect you with the top minds in sports, coaching, leadership, and building championship programs so you can take your athletes and teams to the next level.

info_outline #216 How Great Teams "Stick Together" with Author and Coach Kate Leavell 04/18/2021
info_outline #215 "The Children are Listening!" How to Build Psychological Capital with Your Athletes with John Yeager 04/10/2021
info_outline #214 Olympic and World Cup Champion Mary Harvey: Protecting the Rights of Children in Sport 04/04/2021
info_outline #213 How to Intentionally Create Extraordinary Moments for Your Athletes with NYT Bestselling Author Dan Heath 03/28/2021
info_outline #212 Early Specialization, Diversification, and the Battle to Provide Healthy Youth Sport Experiences with Dr. Joe Baker and Sandy Mosher 03/21/2021
info_outline #211 "Anything that is expected must be defined!" A Conversation on What Drives Winning Teams with Brett Ledbetter 03/13/2021
info_outline #210 Why All Coaches Need Mindset Training with Lindsey Wilson of Positive Performance Training 03/07/2021
info_outline #209 Steve Kerr, 8x NBA Champion Player and Coach, on Building a High-Performing Culture (replay) 02/28/2021
info_outline #208 Sarah McQuade: The Most Important Skill to Improving as a Coach 02/21/2021
info_outline #207 Caleb Porter, 2x MLS Champion Coach, on Culture, Leadership and Connecting with Every Player on Your Roster 02/14/2021
info_outline #206 Author Doug Lemov: "The Most Overlooked Factor in Learning is Forgetting" 02/07/2021
info_outline #205 Todd Beane on How to Coach Clearly and Establish a Club Methodology 01/31/2021
info_outline #204 Actor and Producer Mike O'Malley on Parenting Your Young Athletes in the "Adultified" World of Youth Sports 01/24/2021
info_outline #203 Great Assistant Coaches ‘Cement the Cracks’ with Ron Adams, Golden State Warriors Asst. Coach 01/17/2021
info_outline #202 Betsy Butterick: "Effectively Coaching and Connecting with Gen-Z" 01/10/2021
info_outline #201 Vern Gambetta: How Do You Know if You Are a Good Coach? 01/02/2021
info_outline #200 Fireside Chat w/ John, Jerry, James, and some Podcast Champions 12/27/2020
info_outline #199 "Stop Catastrophizing Failure" with Duke University Sports Psychologist Greg Dale 12/20/2020
info_outline #198 Coaching Athletes to Be Their Best with Stephen Rollnick, PhD 12/13/2020
info_outline #197 Jay DeMerit, EPL and US National Team Player: "The Bigger the Risks You Take, the Bigger the Incentives at the End" (replay) 12/06/2020
info_outline #196 How Elite Athletes Are Made with Dr Mark Williams, Author of The Best 11/29/2020
info_outline #195 Paul Goodman, 3x Stanley Cup Champ Strength Coach, on the Intersection of Movement, Strength, and Psychology 11/22/2020
info_outline #194 How to Support Your Athlete's Mental Health: A Fireside Chat with John and Jerry 11/15/2020
info_outline #193 3 Words That Will Help You Build a Stronger Team with Travis Thomas of "Live Yes And” 11/08/2020
info_outline #192 To Gain Control You Give up Control" with 8x NCAA Champion Hockey Coach Bill Beaney 11/01/2020
info_outline #191 How Belgium went from #66 to #1 in The World Rankings with Belgian FA Director of Coach Education, Kris Van Der Haegen (replay) 10/25/2020
info_outline #190 How to Make Sports Safe4Athletes with 2x Olympian Katherine Starr 10/18/2020
info_outline Audiobook Excerpt: “What Does it Feel Like to Be Coached by Me?: How to Develop Your Team's DNA" 10/15/2020
info_outline #189 The Good, Bad and Ugly of Return to Sports Post-COVID with coaches Damian DiGulian and Bryan McDermand 10/11/2020
info_outline Audiobook Excerpt: "You Can't Practice in a 'Kind' World if you Compete in a 'Wicked' One" 10/08/2020